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What game? I tried avoider on my forum here and it worked yesterday.

All the games on here... just click on Arcade and it shows 'no scores recorded' for every one. I played '0h h1' and it didn't give me the option to save my high score.

General Support / Why are no High Scores recorded in the Arcade?
« on: May 28, 2017, 01:22:47 pm »
If you go to the Arcade section there are no High Scores recorded for any of the games. I played one of them myself and there was no option to record your high score. If I set up a forum I'd like to create a weekly competition where the high scorer gets a prize, but obviously this can only be done if the scores are recordable. Can you tell me why they can't be recorded at the moment? Thanks.

I realise that createaforum uses it's own ads to generate revenue for itself, but I'm wondering is there any way I can install an ad service to generate my own income? I'll be using my own custom domain for my forum so is this option available at all in any of the packages? Thanks.

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