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Hello my new site is Up!
Looking for staff, if you get 10 people to join then your a moderator
25= Global Moderator
10th June is release date + domain + hosting will be purchased from go daddy
Shops are available for moderators to open and make money + Huge trust cause your moderator!
Thank you,
NOTE: Site is still in progress will be made bigger, and prizes will be added!
+ If you get someone to purchase V.I.P. until 25th of June you will recieve 10% of the cash!  vip: $4.99
The website is about users that are amatuer or even Pro to join and share, sell, buy art and graphics, set up tutorials, enter contests and join a full community of fun.
Services are allowed to be open up to Moderator Status!

Hello i have made an option for my users to purchase VIP for 1 month, however i want a badge to show when they post:
Example of when they post:
[Their Name]
[The Graphical Badge]
any ideas how i can do that it is quite popular on other forums and iv'e seen it be made with this online software   
NOTE: i can design the badge i just want to know how it can be added to their name

Style Support / Need some help please very basic
« on: May 25, 2011, 06:11:37 pm »
Hi i cant figure out how to apply/install/add a theme or whatever you call it
maybe someone can write quickly what to press?

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