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General Support / Censor is Too Restrictive
« on: April 27, 2011, 06:32:27 pm »
I just saw the discussion thread where you had to buy ad credits in order to turn the censor off of your forums because the advertisers requested this.
Look, I can somewhat buy the idea that advertisers don't want to see this place turned into a haven for **** (p-orn) discussion boards or whatever.  Still, the censor on here is way too restrictive.  We have a baseball forum, and there are players in the league named Wang (W-ang), not to mention the millions of people in the world who are named W-ang.  That is a word that should not be censored.
We also had someone try to post **** (S T F U), and that's hardly anything that's going to offend anyone or turn this place into a **** (p-orn) site.
If the advertiser requires a censor, I guess I can somewhat understand of getting rid of the obvious stuff (F-bomb, S-word, terms that commonly come up in **** (p-orn) movies, etc.), although I really don't like it.  (Seriously, "p-orn" is censored here too?)
Still when you reach beyond the absolute worst words, though, you really get the feeling that you guys are compelling us to pay you money for ad credits just so we can turn the censor off, and that's going to drive a lot of people away from this place.

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