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Thanks for the response! The files we have are sql or Cvs. If you could contact me via email that would be fantastic. Iíd like to have an estimate of what it would take to do single sign on and import of thatís something you are willing to do.

Create A Forum Discussion / Questions about importing and embedding...
« on: August 25, 2020, 08:54:45 pm »
I am just doing some research to see what options are available. We have an existing community with an embedded forum but are considering a new forum host.
Specifically, I'm wondering what would be required/if it's possible to:
1. create a single sign-on within our community, which is hosted on Kajabi, where the forum would be embedded (if iframe works with Kajabi to start with). To clarify, we'd want our members to be able to sign in to our community and be automatically signed in to the forum as well.
2. I've read in the forum here that importing a forum would require it to be a job on your end of things, so if that's accurate still, would that require additional fees and if I could get an estimate, that would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance!

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