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General Support / I think i messed up :/ (Domain Issue)
« on: March 01, 2020, 10:57:54 pm »
So, I had bought a domain (
and of course something didn't go out as planned, see i started with a redirection (basic 301 forwarding) and it worked great.
but i wanted it to set all of my forum ( to become the new domain.

I set the Nameserver to the ones it stated ( &
and i added the domain to the site, VERIFIED it (which all it stated was "1" on the site it popped up)

so i updated forum URL, but NOW it takes me to a thing saying i could build a site with the link [pic on file]
Sadly, now the original link that was given to me goes right to the new domain link...

I pay for the unlimited plan, and i just want this to work - i thought the Fix panel would have a domain reset but it didn't not.

is there anything i can do to resolve this? Or did my site get deleted in the process?

-----------------------------------RESOLVED ISSUE, IT JUST TOOK TIME!  :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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