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Just in case others are reading this with the same problem and wondering what happened in the end...

Well I just realized I AM in fact getting these Orange 'New' stickies even on this forum on  threads which I haven't read

(Somehow I managed to ignore them)

So the CreateAForum guy responding on this thread was correct...There seems to be no way to disable this feature for registered users...

I will try to find the 'Mark All Read' button and inform my forum users to disable the 'New' sticky this way (if they find it particularly annoying... but I didn't even notice... so I suppose it can't be that annoying...)

Thanks again

I am not sure. Unless you clicked mark all read on this forum that would remove it.

No, I didn't change any settings or anything on this forum, so the 'new' labels were not there from the start.

Anyway how would I click 'mark all read'? Can you show me where this setting is please so I can try toggle on and off on my forum to see if that fixes it?

Many Thanks

1. No way to do it. The closest you could do is replace the image with a single pixel image for the new.gif graphic under manage style customize images. But that will hide new icons for all.

Once again, thanks for the prompt response. But surely that can't be correct, as this forum (the Support Forum) also uses the same formatting code/language as all Createaforum forums, so surely there MUST be a way you can turn this setting off... !!!

After all, newly registered users on here DON'T get the same 'New' orange sticky/label/tab on every single thread they haven't read...

So please can you clarify what I have to do to turn this off?

I don't want to include this in my other 'General Support' thread as its an entirely different question. Yes I have tried scouring this forum for a solution but couldn't find any, these are fresh queries that haven't been asked before, so any answers provided will also hopefully guide other people who stumble across this thread in the search

Nonetheless these are minor questions (nothing too complicated):

1) Is there any way to disabled the orange 'New Thread' sticky tabs that appear for registered users when there's a topic they haven't read - it says 'New' and its an orange tab?

At the moment if I register as a new member to test out my forum, the whole forum is full of these orange tabs saying 'New' on each board and sub-board. I want the default for them not to appear, and new users can turn them later if they prefer to have them

2) Is there any way to disable the 'Message Icon' dropdown option in 'Start new topic' ?

I want to disable this for registered users not myself as Admin,  I want to remove it for everyone else as I don't want to end up with a messy looking forum where people use different message icons for their threads

Thanks again for your help and prompt responses !


Hi there

Bit complicated to explain without screenshots but I will try my best:

On my forum I have set permissions/access for 'Regular members' to zero and unticked all checkboxes apart from a few (thus most boards on the forum appear invisible for a newly-registered member)

I've also added membergroups - 'Male' 'Female' and 'Child' - which are unrestricted/open access. The option to join 'Male' 'Female' or 'Child' is set at registration

So if someone mistakenly registers without joining a group - they get quite a shock as the forum appears empty !!! This is exactly how I want it - once they have got over the shock they'll read the small print that says they can only use the forum fully if they join a membergroup

The problem arises if someone messes around and switches back to 'Regular Member' after joining their chosen membergroup - the permissions of the other membergroup (Male, Female, Child) seem to cross over into 'Regular Member' so instead of the forum appearing blank once again, the user can see all boards like normal

To explain it succinctly:
Being a 'Regular Member' = all boards are hidden (ohhh nooooo!!)
Join a membergroup 'Male/Female/Child' = you can now view boards (oh what a relief !!!)
Be naughty and switch back to 'Regular Member' = you can still view boards like normal (hehehehe...)

As long as you remain part of the second membergroup (Male/Female/Child) and don't leave it, making 'Regular Member' the primary group makes no difference and you can carry using on the forum unrestricted
Is there any way to change this so the person switching back to registered member has restricted access once again ???

Many thanks !!


Sorry I tried copying the forum screen and adding as a screenshot to make it easier to understand but that seems to have created havoc with the formatting on here so I've had to type everything out

To summarize I want guests to view the exact same info in the Info Center as registered users see (ie the different categories of user, the usernames of the people who were online etc)

Thanks in advance!

Have a slight problem but not sure if its a problem or its only happening because my forum is still empty with no members (I'm still adding some finishing touches before I start inviting people to join up). For some reason my forum's Info Center (the part that appears at the bottom of the front page) appears different if I view it a a guest as opposed to if I view it as a member. I basically want all the same information to appear for everyone so that guests can view the info in detail as well as registered users. This is what it looks like at the moment (i.e guest v registered user):

"Users Online"
When viewing my forum as a guest I cannot see the different categories of user that populate my forum (i.e. admin, male, female, child... and so on). Yet if I log in as a member, these categories suddenly appear

Viewing the forum as a guest looks like this:

Users Online 1 Guest, 0 Users

Whereas viewing the site when logged in as a user ("MisterGreen") looks like this:

Users Online 0 Guests, 1 UserUsers active in past 15 minutes:
[Administrator]  [Global Moderator]  [Male]  [Female]  [Child]  [O.A.P.]

"Users Logged In Today"
When viewing my forum as a guest the 'Users Logged In Today' part also appears to be stripped of valuable info

Viewing as a guest looks like this:
Users Logged In Today Total: 2

Viewing as a member looks like this:
Users Logged In Today Total: 2 (Visible: 2, Hidden: 0)
MisterGreen, MissBlue

So basically I want all guests to be able to view the exact same info in the Info Center as a registered member does. Is there a setting or something that can change this? Thanks in advance!


Hi there, sorry if this is a really basic question...

Is there a way to add a new field in 'Start new topic?' when someone makes a new post. Currently you have

Message icon:
B I U S ... etc etc followed by various smilies... supportsupportsupportsupportsupportsupport...

I want to create a reviews section so really want to add the following new field:

Rating: [drop down list 'Positive,' 'Negative,' 'Neutral']

Furthermore, I'd want this review categorization appearing next to each post title so people can easily navigate to what they need. Something like this:

Positive - Nice experience using Createaforum...
Negative -Terrible experience of Duck Duck Go...
Positive - Great experience of Createaforum Support Forums
Neutral - Not such a good shopping online at Walmart

and so on...

I do not expect anyone here to give me some sort of in-depth tutorial but I do want to be pointed in the right direction...

So can this be done with the existing tools in Admin panel?

Would I need special code to construct something like this and which one? Java? HTML? CSS?

Finally where would this code have to be executed? Is there some kind of notepad on here?

Many thanks from a newbie!


Okay thanks for the reply

The option is there for them in 'Permissions' which is why I thought it was a bug

Thanks for clarifying things!

Well I will answer part of my own question...

I recently created a forum not masking my IP, as well as registering on the same forum as a 'regular member' just to iron out any potential issues before inviting new members.I subsequently logged on to these accounts through Tor and didn't have any issues (no verification captcha appears)

So is this basically the default on any forum created on here:

* VPNs cannot register accounts (registering initiates the Captcha)
* Once users are registered they CAN access the chosen forum through Tor or a VPN (no verification req)

Its fine if it is. But just out of general interest, is there a way to ban a particular member group from using VPNS just in case that member group causes trouble?

Do admins have any section where we can play around with 'forum accessibility' settings to see what best works for our particular forum?

Many thanks!

Guest permissions are set to:
Read Polls: Yes
Vote in Polls: Yes

Guest permissions are also set to enable guests posting comments

The latter works fine - I can post a comment as a guest without any trouble

However, when I try taking part in a poll as a guest, it automatically takes me to the poll results skipping the 'vote' part

When I sign in as a registered user, I can view the poll and take part first (it shows me the poll options and once I've clicked on a choice it shows me poll results)

Is this possibly a bug?

Many thanks!

Thanks in advance!

(Pls note - decided to create a brand new post for this as its an entirely different question - hopefully doing it this way will be more helpful to other users too)


If the admin of the forum wants to set ‘groups’ to appear on registration, AFAIK any new user who registers with that forum has no obligation to join any group.  Atm the actual message a new user gets is:

“This is an optional choice - if none of these are appealing to you, simply skip it!  For multiple selections, hold down the Ctrl key.”

Thus a new user can join no group or more than one group - its entirely up to him/her. However this presents a problem as my forum will have the options "male" and "female" on signup. I don't want this to be an optional choice, as it will make monitoring my forum much more easier knowing who is a female and who is male

So following from this, my questions are:

- Can I make joining a group MANDATORY at signup and if yes, what setting would I need to change to do this?

- Is there a way to make the group a user originally registered with - such as male or female - appear next to his / her name whenever that user makes a post, rather than just saying newbie which is what I'm currently getting?

- Is there a way to disable CTRLmultiple selection so a new user is forced to click EITHER “male” or “female” but can't click both?

- Is there at least a way to remove or change the message on registration stating ‘this is an optional choice?’

Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks for the prompt reply [size=78%]

Hopefully this will clarify things for other people too [/size]


Hi guys,

I’m thinking of creating an adult-content forum (nothing illegal) but I need some time to perfect the layout. No adult content will be uploaded during this stage, it will just be me working alone to build the forum (ie sorting out categories, sub-sections, basic rules etc), but I anticipate this to take a couple weeks or a bit more as I'll only be doing this in my spare time

There will absolutely be no danger of people discovering my forum by chance as it will be so obscure. Once I’ve completed the layout, I’ll purchase the $5 or $14.95 a month plan before inviting people to join

In other words, although it will be an adult-content forum, during the time I’m setting up the forum it will will have no members so no adult content will be uploaded or shared.

So my questions revolve around the forum getting mistakenly deleted cos it may be deemed to infringe the 'adult content' rule even though during the 'Standard Plan' stage I'll just be building/prepping the forum:

1. Is it okay for me to work on setting up this forum under the ‘Standard Plan’ then upgrade to (pay for) ‘Ad-Free’ once I’m ready for people to join?

2. Unless another user reports me (zero chance of this happening) does 'Create a Forum' still monitor every single new forum that’s created or does this not usually happen?

3. If 'Create a Forum' staff DOES regularly delete forums, are users given any advanced warning?

4. If deletion happens without warning, will I still be allowed to start from scratch using the name of the forum that was deleted?

Just to be clear, my intention is NOT to run an adult-themed forum without subscription (this is clearly against the rules)

However, there's a slight grey area where I'll be building the forum with no members joining thus no adult content being shared. I just want the freedom to finalize the layout of the forum using the 'Standard Plan' before I finally upgrade to ‘Ad-Free’ and start inviting people to join. This way I don't have to rush things and work to a particular time-frame, and it suits me much better as I'll just be working on my forum in my spare time

I prefer to ask on here first rather than just starting to build my forum only for it to be deleted before its even up and running...


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