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Okay cheers will check it out.

Can you set it indefinitely or is there a time period after which you get penalized for it?

With the latter I'll have to dip in and out of maintenance mode until the forum is properly finalized, so asking in just in case.

Many thanks

Have a bit of a problem. Although I've kept my forum under wraps until now, somehow people have found out about it and a trickle has already started to join  ???   ???

Well I don't want anyone to join until I've properly stress-tested it and completed everything. So is there a way to a) Block people from joining until I've completed it or b) Make it clear the forum is view-only and "Still Under Construction?"

General Support / Re: Dumb question: Removing 'Lock thread' for users...
« on: November 27, 2019, 02:34:12 pm »
In other words I want a board which DOES NOT have 'Polls' as an option (the 'Poll' button should not even appear at the top) and there should be no option to 'Lock threads' either

I want to remove both options for registered users on a particular board I have on my forum...


General Support / Re: Dumb question: Removing 'Lock thread' for users...
« on: November 27, 2019, 02:33:15 pm »
Still waiting for an answer...

Can anyone help me?

Is there any way to create a board with NO POLLS and NO LOCK THREAD in 'Attachments and other options'?

Or are you stuck with one or the other?


General Support / Re: Dumb question: Removing 'Lock thread' for users...
« on: November 23, 2019, 04:44:48 pm »
Okay, I've discovered the problem, and for some reason it seems to be an issue on this forum as well. But I'm not entirely sure how you can manage it, apart from warning members.

I'm trying to get a board to be BOTH 'No Polls' and 'No 'Lock' for regular members.

In other words - on these particular boards on my forum, I want regular users neither to be able to lock threads NOR post polls.

As you probably already know with this forum...Manage permissions > General permissions states: "changing  (membergroup) board permissions will affect all boards currently assigned the "Default" permissions profile. Boards not using the "Default" profile will not be affected by changes to this page..."

This is where the problem lies. 'Default' board permissions ALLOWS Polls by default and the 'No Polls' permission ALLOWS 'Lock Thread' by default.

(I've also tried setting board permissions to 'No Lock.' This removes the lock option in 'Attachment and other options' when creating a new post but still allows the polls).

To cut a long story short, I want to know if there's a way to both remove the 'Lock thread' AND 'Polls' button at the same time or are all forums stuck with either/or?

Many thanks!

General Support / Re: Dumb question: Removing 'Lock thread' for users...
« on: November 16, 2019, 06:01:53 pm »
Are you logged in as a user? when testing?

The lock topic is controlled by permissions on a membergroup level in most cases unless you switched a board to have board level permissions.

Hi there,

Apologies for the long delay in getting back to you.

Yes that's right - I created a 'registered member' account on my forum (a regular/non-admin account) in order to fine tune my forum/test for bugs/errors for future regular members. When making a new post with the 'registered member' account I then realised that I could lock my own threads as a regular user.

I then logged in with my Admin account in order to uncheck 'Lock threads' in board level permissions. However, this doesn't seem to make any difference. I continue to see the option 'Lock Thread' under Attachments and other options when I make a new post as a regular member (non-admin).

A few months ago I somehow managed to remove the 'Sticky thread' option in 'Attachments and other options' but I have forgetten how, as a good few months have since passed.

I basically want the options for regular users to be exactly the same as I see them on this forum - only 3 options - 'Notify me of replies,' 'Don't uer smileys' and 'Return to this topic.'

Anyway I will play around with my forum settings to see if I can re-discover how it was done last time. I will update you on here when I get time.


General Support / Dumb question: Removing 'Lock thread' for users...
« on: November 05, 2019, 04:24:30 pm »
Sorry this is a pretty dumb question. A long time ago I managed to remove the 'Sticky' option for users posting on my forum, so only I as Admin had the ability to make threads sticky/pin threads. However, I've since forgotten how to edit the 'Attachment and other options' tab when for users on 'Start new topic.'

I've noticed users still have the 'Lock topic' option, I want to remove this as well. So how do I go about doing this?

I've tried adjusting user permissions and unselecting 'Lock own thread' and 'Lock others threads' but this doesn't seem to have worked.

I vaguely remember there was a second step that had to be done, but not sure exactly what.

Sorry its a basic question but hoping you can help?


Is this just on on registration or at any time they could join the groups?

Hi there, thanks for getting back to me.

As regards your question, in a forum with different membergroups, a user can select multiple groups AT ANY TIME - whether on registration or after.

This of course causes havoc with a forum that has been set up with distinct membergroups to be kept separate (i.e. a forum having boards accessible to certain membergroups but not others).

Joining a group isn't 'mandatory' upon registration but that in itself isn't a problem.The problem lies with the fact that if users join multiple groups (and there's nothing stopping them doing so) they end up gaining the permissions of all groups they've selected.

At registration = CTRL + click to highlight/select multiple groups - (gives you permissions for all groups you've selected)

After registration =  Profile > Forum Profile > Group Membership > Available Groups > Join Group... select multiple groups - (gives you permission for all groups you've selected)

The button 'Make Primary Group' has absolutely no purpose/effect other than to display the selected group name next to the username. That's all it does!

As you can imagine, modding such a forum becomes a nightmare as you have to constantly snoop, ban etc etc in case some users are joining more than one membergroup in order to gain access to boards that normally off-limits to their membergroup.


Admins do HAVE the option of allowing membergroups on registration. But as things stand, new users can completely ignore this and sign up without joining any membergroup at all or at the other end, multiple membergroups...

This becomes a problem if you want to set up a forum with clearly defined usergroups each with their own permissions and exclusive boards...

For example, lets say we want to call our forum 'Marriage Counselling' and its populated with 3 different groups - Husbands, Wives, Counsellors. Now these 3 groups will of course have common topics of interest but other times they'll prefer discussing things within their own group. So we create a forum with open boards as well as membergroup-only boards.

With the current 'membergroups facility' on Createaforum there is just a lot of extra hassle...

A user can select more than one membergroup - and this means he/she gains the permissions of ALL membergroups he/she has selected. Back to our example, someone in the 'Husband' group just needs to select 'Wife' and 'Counsellor' and suddenly all boards become viewable/accessible...

This causes havoc with forums with different membergroups and means:

1. Admins have to instruct new users not to join multiple groups even though they there's nothing stopping them from actually joining multiple groups

2. Thus Admins have no other option than to keep doing random 'spot-checks' to ensure users have not selected multiple groups

3. If users still don't follow instructions (either purposely or through carelessness) and still end up joining more than one group, the only option left is for Admins to ban them...

4. As you can probably appreciate, points 1, 2, and 3 create needless tension and and create extra (unnecessary) stress when modding forums with multiple membergroups you'd like to keep separate. If you're constantly having to remind users of forum rules and/or snooping on them and/or banning them... then it doesn't create a very good impression and discourages new users from joining...

*Please introduce an option where admins can prevent users joining more than one membergroup at one time / an option that limits the number of membergroups a user can join (this would just save a lot of hassle)...

Or alternatively

* Even if a user joins multiple membergroups, just ensure that selecting 'make main membergroup' means that the user can only see boards/permissions for the membergroup selected and NOT all membergroups they've  joined

As of 09/09/19, we have the introduction of a new tab at the top for registered users - "Today's Posts" - which informs us of any new posts that appear on any particular day. So maybe Createaforum can now think about introducing an option where individual users/admin of forums can disable the orange "new" label which appears next to every single unread thread which has not been read by a user.

As far as I know there is no way to disable it at the moment, so this label can become quite annoying if you have a forum with a large volume of users creating new threads every hour.

I think this would be a good option to have...



Just in case others are reading this with the same problem and wondering what happened in the end...

Well I just realized I AM in fact getting these Orange 'New' stickies even on this forum on  threads which I haven't read

(Somehow I managed to ignore them)

So the CreateAForum guy responding on this thread was correct...There seems to be no way to disable this feature for registered users...

I will try to find the 'Mark All Read' button and inform my forum users to disable the 'New' sticky this way (if they find it particularly annoying... but I didn't even notice... so I suppose it can't be that annoying...)

Thanks again

I am not sure. Unless you clicked mark all read on this forum that would remove it.

No, I didn't change any settings or anything on this forum, so the 'new' labels were not there from the start.

Anyway how would I click 'mark all read'? Can you show me where this setting is please so I can try toggle on and off on my forum to see if that fixes it?

Many Thanks

1. No way to do it. The closest you could do is replace the image with a single pixel image for the new.gif graphic under manage style customize images. But that will hide new icons for all.

Once again, thanks for the prompt response. But surely that can't be correct, as this forum (the Support Forum) also uses the same formatting code/language as all Createaforum forums, so surely there MUST be a way you can turn this setting off... !!!

After all, newly registered users on here DON'T get the same 'New' orange sticky/label/tab on every single thread they haven't read...

So please can you clarify what I have to do to turn this off?

I don't want to include this in my other 'General Support' thread as its an entirely different question. Yes I have tried scouring this forum for a solution but couldn't find any, these are fresh queries that haven't been asked before, so any answers provided will also hopefully guide other people who stumble across this thread in the search

Nonetheless these are minor questions (nothing too complicated):

1) Is there any way to disabled the orange 'New Thread' sticky tabs that appear for registered users when there's a topic they haven't read - it says 'New' and its an orange tab?

At the moment if I register as a new member to test out my forum, the whole forum is full of these orange tabs saying 'New' on each board and sub-board. I want the default for them not to appear, and new users can turn them later if they prefer to have them

2) Is there any way to disable the 'Message Icon' dropdown option in 'Start new topic' ?

I want to disable this for registered users not myself as Admin,  I want to remove it for everyone else as I don't want to end up with a messy looking forum where people use different message icons for their threads

Thanks again for your help and prompt responses !


Hi there

Bit complicated to explain without screenshots but I will try my best:

On my forum I have set permissions/access for 'Regular members' to zero and unticked all checkboxes apart from a few (thus most boards on the forum appear invisible for a newly-registered member)

I've also added membergroups - 'Male' 'Female' and 'Child' - which are unrestricted/open access. The option to join 'Male' 'Female' or 'Child' is set at registration

So if someone mistakenly registers without joining a group - they get quite a shock as the forum appears empty !!! This is exactly how I want it - once they have got over the shock they'll read the small print that says they can only use the forum fully if they join a membergroup

The problem arises if someone messes around and switches back to 'Regular Member' after joining their chosen membergroup - the permissions of the other membergroup (Male, Female, Child) seem to cross over into 'Regular Member' so instead of the forum appearing blank once again, the user can see all boards like normal

To explain it succinctly:
Being a 'Regular Member' = all boards are hidden (ohhh nooooo!!)
Join a membergroup 'Male/Female/Child' = you can now view boards (oh what a relief !!!)
Be naughty and switch back to 'Regular Member' = you can still view boards like normal (hehehehe...)

As long as you remain part of the second membergroup (Male/Female/Child) and don't leave it, making 'Regular Member' the primary group makes no difference and you can carry using on the forum unrestricted
Is there any way to change this so the person switching back to registered member has restricted access once again ???

Many thanks !!

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