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General Support / Re: Starting a forum
« on: March 18, 2019, 06:38:23 pm »
Thank you very much!

General Support / Starting a forum
« on: March 18, 2019, 05:49:12 pm »

We are looking to start a forum using one of your paid plans. We're just not sure how heavily it will be used, so I have a few questions ...

- In the $5.00/month plan, 25000 free page views are allowed. It sounds obvious, but, what is the definition of a page view? (I ask just so I won't run into any surprises.)

- What words are censored? How will censored words be displayed in a post?

- In the statement, "No words censored if you have ad free credits", how are credits bought and what is the cost of a credit and/or package of credits?

- How much disk space is available with each account? Can it be increased? If so, what are the increments and what is the cost?  (The primary reason in asking this is because we expect that many posts will have attachments. Does this include all posts and topics?)

Thank you.

General Support / Looking to use Create A Forum ....
« on: February 21, 2019, 03:03:19 pm »
We are potentially interested in subscribing to your forums service.  Can you tell me which of the features below you offer?
  • Ability to limit access to a group of registered users for posting and the ability to see forum content
  • Ability for users to subscribe and unsubscribe
  • Ability to pin certain threads at the top of the forum
  • Ability to search the forums
  • Ability to add some configurable attributes or tags to posts
  • Ability for a user to indicate whether they want to receive individual notifications for any new posts
  • Ability to a user to indicate they want to receive a daily digest of all new posts.
  • Ability to add attachments
  • Ability to create polls
  • Ability to view usage statistics
  • Administration / moderator tools
  • Ability to upvote post
  • Ability to filter to view unanswered posts
  • Ability to respond via e-mail vs. logging in to forum
We are looking to potentially set up a few closely related forums based on specific topics.  If we were to separate our topics into a few separate forums would your fees be applied to each forum?

Thank you.


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