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General Support / Re: New Emojis
« on: June 05, 2018, 11:23:33 am »

It's working now! Thank you!!!
I just made change to fix if you are using wywsig editor might have to do a hard refresh otherwise you can click the icon and the insert emoji in the text based version

General Support / New Emojis
« on: June 05, 2018, 10:55:25 am »

Thank you so much for the new emojis!

Do we need to enable these new emojis? I can see the emoji icon, but when I click on one of the new emojis nothing appears in the text editor.

1. Yes, this is the email notification.

The notification is like this:
A reply has been posted to a topic you are watching by XYZ

View the reply at url with the ending /topicseen#new

As you see, it takes us to the last reply on the topic only regardless of who posted as well as in reply to whom. Would it be possible for the notification to be more personalized? That the notification a member receives is to tell them that someone has replied to them and for the link to take said member directly to the reply?

2. Please let us know when that future feature will be ready!

3 and 4 -> Thank you very much![/size][/font][/color]

Me again for

1. Would it be possible for notification to send us a more precise notice (e.g. MemberABC replied to you) and for the link to actually direct us to MemberABC's reply? Members are already using quote, but the link takes them to the topic instead to the reply.

2. Is it possible for members to set, once and for all, font face, font size and color without have to do it each time they post?

3. What is the banner size at the top? And how do I get rid of the grey area/void at the very top of the page? Do I have to use Header if I want the banner to span the whole width, and if yes, what is the code I should use?

4. Favicon: I've uploaded a favicon through Theme Options and Preferences. What else do I have to do?

Thank you!

The forum url is If I think I did what I did, then I was able to undo what I did.

No doubt you'll be seeing me often since it forum is about to go live, so thank you in advance.

Hi. Sorry if the solution is obvious and elementary.

1. In trying to see whether I had to do something to improve the mobile user's experience, I accidentally switched the whole forum to the mobile version for everyone and can't switch it back to the full site. How do I do this or is this something that you have to do?

2. Is there something that I need to do so that my forum has a nice mobile version or is that automatic?

3. Do we get a calendar, how to we access that, or is it an added feature?

Thank you!

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