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General Support / Re: How do I make a homepage, with supporting pages?
« on: February 20, 2017, 01:49:45 pm »
I tried that,  lead nowhere.

I eventually found the "custom tabs" editor,  the last option to the right in Styles,  and that allied me to create new tabs.

It allows you to add your ezblock page URL to it,  or to any website for that matter.

Still lack a ability to put blogs in such a tab though, like the UNRV website has.

I'm a bit weirded out how when people click on home,  nothing is shown,  really should be a homepage. Really,  really,  really should be one. Instead now,  I can have a homepage 3-4 tabs into my listings. Better than nothing,  but deeply annoying.

Really want those blogs. They tend to attract a unique audience,  separate from the forum.

General Support / Re: How do I make a homepage, with supporting pages?
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:46:37 pm »
Everything I've read regarding editing or adding tabs have gone nowhere on this forum.

There has to be a way. My home section is empty.

General Support / How do I make a homepage, with supporting pages?
« on: February 19, 2017, 02:36:37 am »

I started a philosophy site a few weeks ago. I have the forum area up and running fine,  I had a former one,  but it was a wreck because I couldn't on my android phone arrange the new boards as I needed them to be arranged. I switched over to this provider once I saw I could do that on a phone.

I noticed I had a "home tab" next to my "forum tab", and did something briefly in ezportals I can't replicate,  which was adding text.

I shut it down,  but can't reactive it no matter what I do now.

Reason I'm excited,  my ambition is to set up a History of Philosophy section, 30-50 separate pages just dedicated to various philosophy schools.

My idea was to model it off of UNRV's forum (different style and focus of course,  I focus on philosophy,  they on Roman history).

This is what he did:

That is his forum,  but he could make as many tabs as he wanted,  plus member blogs. I don't know how to add blogs right now. It is frustrating. I just made a subforum for that,  looks silly.

But,  then he has this:

I really,  really,  really want to do something similar. He has top ratings on every subject he talks about,  per page,  lots of people read him.

When I am in ezportal,  I can make new pages,  but nothing pops up when I try to post them,  my homepage remains empty.

How do I get to the point,  without taking a course on HTML,  on making my homepage silimal,  with a few dozen paged tabbed like he does on the second link? 

I see this forum technically could do it,  it say "Home", "Forum", "search", "admin".

How would I rearrange those,  and add new ones,  and when you click on one,  such as "Home" a new set of them pop up?

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