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General Support / New to creating a forum ... questions please --
« on: July 29, 2016, 01:36:07 pm »

I have been working with other forum platforms for about 2 weeks now. Just tried my 3rd one yesterday. None of them seem to be working the way that it needs to for our business set up plan.
The business is all about antique and classic cars ... and the forum will be a place that visitors can come, see ads for buying, selling, trading ... be able to view those ads - and respond to them. If they want to place an ad for their own vehicle - then we need a pop-up box to accept a one time flat-rate fee. There in lies my problem - getting a pop up box to attach to the forums, or work within the forums.
My confusion lies in that other small business sites have this feature ... why can't we do it? have I just not found the correct forum platform?

Any ideas? tutorials? suggestions?
Thank you.

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