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Yikes. No idea how to do that, lol.

Hi. I have my forum set up with my own domain name and all is well with this but is there any way to have people email me at my domain name ex:, and have those emails forwarded to my email on file with createaforum? I want to be able to supply an @mydomainname email address to someone. Is there a way to do this via Create A Forum? My domain registrar tells me I can only use email forwarding feature through them if they host my domain name.


Hi, I'm currently on the Unlimited Upgrade for $19.99 mo. I am looking at the "Private Forum/Hide Info Center" Upgrade for a one time $19.99 fee.

The description of the Private Forum upgrade lists that it removes the "info center." I'm assuming this means the info center at the bottom of the forum index. If so, I do want that gone, but don't want to make forum private. If I order that upgrade, can I opt to keep forum non-private, but eliminate the info center?


[size=78%]There is no way to remove the info center at this time I might add it as paid addon to make a totally private forum.[/size]

Thanks! I would very likely pay for that option. I intend to go onto your $20 paid option soon as it is. Thanks for the quick reply.

I know that the stats on the index can be removed from view via settings, but when in the forum the "info center" with number of users online etc, still appears. I've searched the support forums for an answer to this question and have seen it asked several times but never answered with a remedy.

I've done some googling to see if there is some way to do this through the code and have found purported solutions for smf in general, where one would find specific code and eliminate that part of the code, some saying replace with "echo," but, not being  code person, I cannot find this particular code for my createaforum (do I even have access to the code?) and therefore cannot try this solution.

I'd love to know how to make polls work from ez portal index/landing page (votes don't calculate from ez portal index/landing page), and I'd love to know how to add a favicon to my site, and even how to post a video such that it will show on ez portal created index/landing page. But right now, today, I would LOVE it to be shown to be or explained to me how to remove/hide the "info center" that shows users online etc., from the FORUM section of the site.

Abundant thanks to anyone who can/will take the time to help me solve this issue.

Trying to hide "Info Center" that shows at bottom page of forum. The "users online" add-on has been disabled as you indicated, and it doesn't show on the ez portal home page, but the "Info Center" showing users online still shows at the bottom of the Forum main page. That is what I am trying to remove. Is there a way to do that? Thanks.

General Support / Hide Users Online Stats At Bottom Of Forum Boards?
« on: April 02, 2016, 08:02:22 pm »

I found how to hide the stats on the landing page/home page created with ez blocks, but stats still show at bottom of forum. Can anyone tell me how to hide stats on all pages?



General Support / Domain Manager Says My Domain "Not Valid" - help pls.
« on: February 29, 2016, 05:55:48 pm »
Hi, I changed the nameservers at my domain registrar as instructed, and in Domain Manager entered my domain name to be added/parked at createaforum, as instructed, but when I enter the domain name and click "park domain" I get a message that says "that is not a vaild domain" - what am I doing wrong.

I copied/pasted the nameservers to my registrar for that domain, so I don't see how that could be the problem. I entered the domain in Domain Manager as since the http://www. was already filled in.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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