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So please brother, tell me,  how do I fix it

could you please just reply please

I visit a forum that hosting under you guys which is I saw the same problems there, I just hope you guys are able to work on this soon, cause am planning on quitting createaforum

for quite sometime now have been having some problems about my header Area going blank, so I've been unable to fixed the problem until now I found out a solution.

sir, it's quite fine that you giving us free services, but it quite interesting if you help us out.

now I used ad blocker app, recently I updated my browser which gives me ads block now, so I decided to visit my forum to see if the problem still persist, but it was because my ads blocker was activated, I decide to turn it off and visit my forum, then go blank again my header, so sir, I've reason that this issue isn't from me but you guys, there might be ads placed on my header due to I don't wanna purchase the adS free for now, am kindly pleading it's not that am asking for ads remover but please work on my header that's going blank, because visitors can't register in my forum, and if there is any possible needs to rest my forum so things could go normal please do that, this forum means  a lot to me, thanks.

I'll be waiting for your reply .

do check screenshots below to be enlighten more on my case.

please, this issue should be work on for me, please

Hello Mr Brain, I've reset the domain to default

Hello, I've discovered what's wrong at my forum header, @createaforum the ads links code which are pasted there are the fault to my forum, because I  discovered that the ads isove from one angel to another.... so please work on this and give a feed back, and kindly scroll down for the screenshot to confirm this yourself, thanks....

am sorry to say Mr brain the issues is up again even with the createaforum custom domain

Mr brain you were right, but what do you think I do now because I don't wanna purchase a domain now.... I just wanna use the domain please do find me a solution, thanks....

I don't think it's from my domain Mr brain, I changed it to the full custom default domain of createaforum but it's still all the same, please if you have more solution help me out, thanks

recently I complain that, the head menu bar area went blur just like that, you asked me to remove the code I did but until now it's still showing the same, please I told you to work on this for me yourself, please, please help me, people can't register in my forum, please help

my forum is


General Support / Re: Hello, I really need help here
« on: March 24, 2016, 05:51:28 pm »
oh  gosh,  it's affecting my forum....

General Support / Re: Hello, I really need help here
« on: March 23, 2016, 08:22:53 pm »
but, it's showing the same here, please check What's Wrong

General Support / Hello, I really need help here
« on: March 23, 2016, 05:22:35 pm »
recently, my head bar, went blur, I complain here and I was asked to remove the code I insisted in the head, I've removed the code, for past days now, my head bar is still going blur, please work on it for me yourself, thanks you.

forum I need help with

see screenshots below

recently a guest try to register on my forum and was
denied, saying its details are of a known spammer, please
work on this for me because I don't know what to do...  see
screenshots below.
site I need help with is

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