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Even when I use the default domain

When I click any of the links on my forum, the Home Link, Search Link, Calendar, Login or Register link, the links keep re-routing to my main domain instead of staying on my forum site. I'm back at square one and unable to login to my forum to make any updates, nor can anyone register.

The e-mail link I tried is recent from 20 minutes ago, the link that came through via e-mail when you just signed up:

Keeps re-looping to this:

From my e-mail I clicked my forum's link, it re-looped to this link instead of the actual

I also just tried Chrome and Safari, and it keeps looping back.

It's been a few days, it's still not working properly. I'm currently in Firefox as well, and it keeps looping back to the main domain.

Hmm, on my system it's still re-routing to the main domain. Is there anything else I need to do, or will I just have to wait it out until tomorrow afternoon or evening?

My subdomain worked last night for close to an hour and I was able to login, and then about 40 - 50 minutes later it started re-routing again to the main domain.

About an hour ago it was working fine. Now it's not working again and keeps re-looping to the main domain. Hopefully it will function properly before this evening.

If I keep the name servers there, will that effect the time it will take for my forum to work properly?

I added the NS1 & NS2 name servers for createaforum to GoDaddy, and set my GoDaddy subdomain to forward to my forum's domain. Is there anything else I need to do?

Thanks, we'll see what happens by tomorrow afternoon...

Hello, is rerouting again to the main domain instead of my forum...

Awesome, thank you!  :D :D

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