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Looks like I'll have to go back through and fix up the style again, but it's better than not having a forum. Thanks a million!

A few days ago, I registered a .tk domain with (powered by freenom) and I followed one of the guides on the support forum (4-5 years old) and I managed to successfully park my domain,, on my forum (

I changed the nameservers like it said, and when I clicked "Verify URL," I clicked it, there was a 1, so I updated the url. I continued to make a few edits on the forum after the domain successfully changed. I linked it's Login and Register pages to another site, and I had changed the theme.

Now when I click on my bookmark to go there, it tells me: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
Spoiler (hover to show)

I tried contacting Freenom and inquiring about it, because if it was a DNS issue with my network or domain, and they are the ones hosting it, they would be the ones to contact. However, my ticket was closed with no reply. So if you guys could help me out with this, it'd be appreciated. This isn't an issue for me. There has been several reports of the forums being down

Please help  :'(

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