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I see that I can restrict boards to new members, but when I want to restrict new members to only being able to reply to posts until they hit a certain post count - they can't start new topics until they rack up say, 10 posts - how do I make that happen?

Also, quick question on polls - it seems I can get polls to show from a forum post to an ez-block created "home page," but votes via that "home page" don't seem to register in the vote totals. Any guidance?

Thanks. Btw, site seems to be loading much quicker on the new servers. Thanks for keeping things going!

Excellent, exactly what I needed to know. Thanks for the fast reply!

Hi - LOVE Create a Forum! Getting closer to having my forum go public, but on testing out the features, I notice that the welcome registration email (I've selected to register new users via email) contains a tagline at the bottom of the email that says something like "create your free forum at create a forum. com." My question is, do any of the upgrade subscription options remove this email tagline?

I'll have a few more questions before going public, but hope to be launching by the end of January. Hope it is cool to toss a few more questions out between now and then, and probably a few afterwards as well, lol.


Thanks, but I got it. I chatted with them and I wasn't in the right place to make the necessary changes. Domain is already working and pointing to my EZ Portal Splash page!

Thanks for the quick reply! I do have a few other questions I'll throw out later, but this issue is resolved and it wasn't your instructions here rather my lack of getting to the right place at Namecheap to do what needed to be done.

At any rate, thanks again!

On edit: I was at the wrong place in the Namecheap dashboard to make the correct changes. Problem has been solved.

I have a domain name registered through that I would like to be parked on createaforum so that when someone types that domain name into the address bar, they land at my forum. (Specifically I would like them to land at the "home" page/splash page I have created with EZ Portal).

But when I go into admin and click on domain management, I am instructed to create the dns (or whatever it exactly says). When I go to namecheap to change my DNS servers to this, replacing "mydomainname" with my actual domain name, it is rejected. When I try to add instead the numeric IP address, it is also rejected. There actually isn't anywhere to add the IP address, only the ns1, ns2 entries.

Would someone be so kind as to tell me step by step what it is exactly that I am supposed to do to have my domain name resolve to my createaforum site/forum? I would very, very much appreciate it and it might help others too.

Createaforum does exactly what I've been looking for in a forum creation service, and I've looked at many. I really want to make this work but I am stumped on this step.


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