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Quote from: CAF
I would host you probably on [/size][/color][/size] [/size]then or I can try to updrade you here...[/size]

So I can try this Host free with 1.1.19 before I decide to upgrade to paid with SMF 2?


By the way, your Quote button for posting is not working for me. I have to do it manually. Dunno what the size tags problem is about. I didn't do it.

Quote from: CAF
You would need to email it to me. Or send me a pm with a link to the file. Modifiied SMF 2.0.x here

Thank you. It's from an SMF 1.1.19 messageboard. Does that cause any big problems?

I'd like to migrate a complete existing SMF forum to this Host. I have a complete MySQL database file, including all the Table definitions.

Can it be done? If so, how?


What version of SMF is in use here?

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