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Admin > Forum > Boards

Look under Modify Boards, Click button on bottom right says Add Board

Fill in info click Add Board at bottom.

More info on what to fill in on Guide and Tutorial.

Guides and Tutorials / [Guide] Adding Games To The Arcade
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:41:32 pm »
I just got a board yesterday 7/11/14 and found this difficult to figure out as well and I could not find a guide or tutorial to explain it.
(I did note that this is not the support forum but a Guide and Tutorial Forum, so perhaps the questions would have gotten answered on the support board. support)
I did figure it out however and did not see it in the guide, so will try to explain what I did to help others.

Admin Center > Arcade > Games > Install Games (This is found near the top of the page beside the Edit Games which is colored orange.)
Just click on the Install Games and you will see the games to chose from.
Check the boxes of the games that you wish to install and click the Install Selected on the right bottom of the page.

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