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The Powers of Time Lost is a different kind of roleplaying forum. Rather than focusing on individual, character based Roleplay, its main feature is the ability to run an entire planet. What sets the Powers of Time Lost apart, however, is its focus on customization and choice. Our mechanics give you the opportunity to research technologies from a tech tree, ranging from basic blasters to astromech droids to cybernetic enchancements for your soldiers. From there, you can build your empire from the ground up. You can design everything from your own ship classes to ground troops, and every design choice you make is meaningful.

Besides this, you can also found your own force-using order or simply play as an individual character in a more traditional style of RP. Set at the very advent of hyperdrive technology, the forum offers you a chance to rewrite Star Wars history. If you are a Star Wars fan, or if you like the prospect of a unique strategic roleplaying experience, check the forum out here:

We've been trying to develop this forum for ages but without a real member base it has been incredibly difficult to work out the systems. Now, however, we've made the decision to simplify the systems a bit and simply try to get a community up and running. I only just realized that you can advertise through this wonderful host (why I didn't think of that before, I don't know...) and I'm hoping that we can breathe some new life into this project. Please give this forum a go--it's been in the works for over a year now from its humble beginnings on the SWTOR forums, and the admin team have been working very hard to make a unique and very high quality RPing forum.

As of right now, the RP is closed pending finalization of the systems, but you can still sign up if you like the look of it. If you have any suggestions or feedback based on what information is already available, please PM me.

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