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General Chat / cancel and close entire account and forum
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:36:12 am »
is there an easy one click option to close my account as i no longer use it? both my forum and my support account can go :-)


Style Support / Re: different style for a board
« on: March 09, 2014, 06:35:59 am »
just waiting for the admin standard reply, a link to the sites that teach you css ;-)

Style Support / Re: Font of the forum
« on: March 09, 2014, 06:33:17 am »
you might also have to visit Font Squirrel, generate a FAMILY of fonts that the boards may not have installed, you then need to host said files and in css link to them

or at least thats what my understanding is :-)

if you have firefox, u can get css editors/generators that could help build the code for you, then you just need to put it in the right place on your new style creation

over 100 views and not a single bit of help??? is this what is called support? surely one person can answer at least one question.................................. disappointing

Well, if this is the level of or for the better word, 'lack' of support one get's, then moving to another site will be happening very soon. Thankfully my friend will let me host on his private server for free.

Closing forum down soon, toodle-pip

Style Support / Re: Font of the forum
« on: March 03, 2014, 11:06:55 pm »
i need an answer to this as well, but i only want to use like a medieval/pagan.goth fonrt for peoples names, forum sections and a much easier font to ready for topics ect

i'd t cheat as i dont know the answer, i'd try to incread the passing on the to bits you want close, sometimes making a fony bigger than default closes the games, does no my firefox or a tranparent section to push it up a bit, lol

i'm interested in the tight answer myself, just posted to get a note when there's an update

hi folks, couple of questions

1, gallery asks me to update my version, can i do this myself?

2. i'd like to have a more glossy black/dark carbon forum, with deep blood red trimmings, can you steer me in a direction that would help, and please forgive, i don't mean a general website address that leaves me trolling through lots of posts, preferably, just link direct to the info i need, would be really appreciated and a great help, i'm a novice, but i'd like to do everything i can myself, if however someone needs to step in and help, be glad to have it :-)

3.  if i can get a glossy black look, i wanted to stick a customer image behind it, so a slight transparency could help, the background will be dark with a faded image related to the band i'm building for, also wanted to add trimming/separators in a deep blood red

4. i created, what i thought was gonna be a welcome topic that with basic info on the bad, want this topic to stay above all new posts, do i need to change something in forum settings?

5. relating to the page, all the links to pics n hyperlinks have a thin light line on the bottom side, is this a resolution issue my end?

i use window7, firefox (firebug installed just incase) latest, custom dark themes for windows and browsers

 the band are from the UK, they have a very sort of medieval/paganistic theme to their art, i want to try and keep the forum relating to the themes they have, from like 17th n 18th century, maybe even 16th, i can probably make up celtic style marking myself etc, wondered if theres a way to put like a paganoccult chain/symbols along sections of the board to really give it a unique finish

big thanks for taking the time, sorry i wacked in all in one post, saves jumping all over the place awaiting replies, any help, advice, sites, manual assists would be very welcome and appreciated, if you also spot any external issues on the sit, please tell and i'll sort them,

cheers all :-0

Advertise your forum / my wee forum, need some style help...
« on: February 15, 2014, 03:34:43 am »

i'm thinking of moving to the simple machines setup, used them a few years ago and for me easier to skin n theme with custom styles, but i'm willing to see how i get on with this as i'm used to the settings n feel now, basically setting up a fans forum for the band HELL

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