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The Bleacher Bums, Createaforums second most active message board, will not easily give up on the problem of not being positioned properly when entering a topic with unread posts.

Unless somebody can suggest a better way, we are going with process of elimination trying to solve it.

So far changing the number of posts per page has no effect.
The same for the option to be notified of a new post while you are making one of your own.
Using NoSquint or zoom is not part of the problem.
A post by someone on your ignore list doesn't matter either.
It happened a number of times today while there was activity in only one topic so there does not appear to be a conflict between topics.
It affects all browsers.

Has this happened at any other board? 

Again, the problem is when you enter a topic expecting to have the first unread post at the top of the screen you learn that some unread posts are already gone as if you had read them.

A few yes or no answers would be greatly appreciated.

The title should say that you are not always positioned at the first unread post.

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