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Hello all you gamers out there!My name is Jaco, and today, I'm posting in hopes of promoting a new forums to the public! It's a free forums where you can:
  • Play games on the arcade (1200+ Games!)
  • Discuss popular games such as Minecraft, Runescape, or even Kongregate!
  • Share Youtube videos via the Youtube Topic!
  • Compete with other users and try to keep highscores on your favorite Arcade games!
  • Discuss popular Anime shows! (Such as Bleach, Pokemon, Naruto, even Dragonball Z!
We will be recruiting moderators when we get enough members, so login daily and remain active to help your chances at becoming a moderator! Be sure to check your Email to see if we choose you as a Moderator! If we do, you will become a moderator of your favorite board!
NOTE: 'In order to become a moderator you MUST have a valid email address!'
To go to the forums Click Here!
P.S: 'If you ever want to support the forums by paying it money, click open your profile page and choose the "Paid Subscriptions" button to donate money!'

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