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General Support / Infolinks making our forum unusable...
« on: February 05, 2020, 06:00:29 am »

I'm a longtime createaforum host, who totally understands the need for ads or paying ad-free. Never had a problem with the banner ads on top or bottom, and can't afford to pay for ad free.

But lately "infolinks" showed up on my forum out of nowhere - I thought it was a virus at first. It blocks text, appears as a pop up any time you click on ANYTHING, and makes the forum run so slowly that half our members are blocking all javascript to try to use the forum, and the other half are threatening to leave because the forum is "unusable."

Other createaforums I am on don't pay for ad free and just have banner ads...

Please advise! Is there any way to have banner ads but not infolinks?

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