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Create a Forum Codes and Support / [Code] Hide Tabs V3
« on: January 04, 2015, 01:02:00 am »
Description: Hides any tabs you want.

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:

Code: [Select]
<script>var hideTabs=["tabname1","tabname2"];for(i=0;i<hideTabs.length;i++)$("#menu_nav").children("li").children("a").children("span").each(function(){$(this).text().trim().toLowerCase()==hideTabs[i].toLowerCase()&&$(this).remove()});</script>
Editing Instructions: Modify tabname1 and tabname2 inside the hideTabs array to the name of the tab you want to hide. You may hide more by adding a comma followed by a pair of quotation marks with the tab name inside of them.

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Suggestions / Acknowledge "Request Desktop Site" requests
« on: June 26, 2014, 07:30:35 am »
It's for mobile browsers

Create a Forum Codes and Support / [API] accID
« on: June 05, 2014, 11:43:17 pm »
For coders only!

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:

Code: [Select]
function accID(n){var t,i;return $.ajax({url:smf_scripturl+"?action=mlist;sa=search",async:!1,type:"POST",data:"search="+n+"&fields%5B%5D=name"}).done(function(r){if(t=$(r).find("#mlist").children("table").children("tbody").children("tr").eq(0).children("td").eq(1).children("a"),t.html()!==n)return console.log("accID: Username "+n+" not found"),!1;i=t.attr("href")}).fail(function(){return console.log("accID: Failed to send POST request"),!1}),i.split("u=")[1]}

Code: [Select]

Create a Forum Codes and Support / [API] sendPM
« on: June 05, 2014, 12:40:58 am »
For coders only!

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:

Code: [Select]
"use strict";function sendPM(n,t,i,r){var u,f;return $.ajax({url:smf_scripturl+"?action=pm;sa=send",type:"GET",async:!1}).done(function(n){u=$(n).find("input[name='seqnum']").attr("value")}).fail(function(){return console.log("SendPM: Error when retrieving the sequence number"),!1}),f="to="+n+"&bcc="+t+"&subject="+encodeURIComponent(i)+"&sel_face=&sel_size=&sel_color=&message="+encodeURIComponent(r)+"&message_mode=0&f5c47df6060e=9ff02ff520d1924481c3bf9c526aa00a&seqnum="+u+"&replied_to=0&pm_head=0&f=inbox&l=-1&to="+n+"&bcc="+t,$.ajax({url:smf_scripturl+"?action=pm;sa=send2",type:"POST",data:f}).done(function(){console.log("SendPM: Sent PM to "+n)}).fail(function(){return console.log("SendPM: Error when sending PM"),!1}),!0}

Code: [Select]
sendPM(recipient, bcc, subject, message);

Create A Forum Discussion / Downtime 08/15/13
« on: August 15, 2013, 11:50:34 pm »

~4:40 PM PST

Suggestions / MOVED: Probably been suggested already...
« on: August 15, 2013, 12:22:14 am »

Create a Forum Codes and Support / [Code] Translate (Beta 07.21.13)
« on: July 22, 2013, 03:29:19 am »
Description: Translates the top section of your forum to any language you want, you must modify the code to add your language.

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:

Code: [Select]
//Translate (Beta 07.21.13)
//Created by aIURblisS/xboi209

//                       Translate below
var guesttranslation = new Array(); //DON'T TRANSLATE THIS
guesttranslation[0] = "Welcome";
guesttranslation[1] = "Guest";
guesttranslation[2] = "Please";
guesttranslation[3] = "login";
guesttranslation[4] = "or";
guesttranslation[5] = "register";
guesttranslation[6] = "Did you miss your";
guesttranslation[7] = "activation email";
guesttranslation[8] = "Login with username, password and session length";

var tabtranslation = new Array(); //DON'T TRANSLATE THIS
tabtranslation[0] = "Home";
tabtranslation[1] = "Forum";
tabtranslation[2] = "Search";
tabtranslation[3] = "Admin";
tabtranslation[4] = "Moderate";
tabtranslation[5] = "Profile";
tabtranslation[6] = "My Messages";
tabtranslation[7] = "Calendar";
tabtranslation[8] = "Gallery";
tabtranslation[9] = "Arcade";
tabtranslation[10] = "Members";
tabtranslation[11] = "Chat";
tabtranslation[12] = "Logout";
tabtranslation[13] = "Login";
tabtranslation[14] = "Register";

var tabdropdowntranslation = new Array(); //DON'T TRANSLATE THIS
tabdropdowntranslation[0] = "Features and Options";
tabdropdowntranslation[1] = "Permissions";
tabdropdowntranslation[2] = "Reported Posts";
tabdropdowntranslation[3] = "Summary";
tabdropdowntranslation[4] = "Account Settings";
tabdropdowntranslation[5] = "Forum Profile";
tabdropdowntranslation[6] = "Read your messages";
tabdropdowntranslation[7] = "Send a message";
tabdropdowntranslation[8] = "View Calendar";
tabdropdowntranslation[9] = "Post Event";
tabdropdowntranslation[10] = "View the memberlist";
tabdropdowntranslation[11] = "Search for Members";

var translation = new Array(); //DON'T TRANSLATE THIS
translation[0] = "Hello";
translation[1] = "Show unread posts since last visit.";
translation[2] = "Show new replies to your posts.";
translation[3] = "Search";
translation[4] = "News";
//                        Stop translating
var $upper_section = $("#upper_section");
if ($("#guest_form").length == "0") {
    var username = $upper_section.find(".greeting").children("span").text();
    var upper_section_resetli = $upper_section.children(".user").children(".reset").children("li");
    var $search_form = $("#search_form");

    upper_section_resetli.eq(0).html(translation[0] + " " + username);
    $"h2").html(translation[4] + ": ");
} else {
    var guestlogin = $("#guest_form").children(".info")
    guestlogin.eq(0).html(guesttranslation[0] + ", <strong>" + guesttranslation[1] + "</strong>. " + guesttranslation[2] + " <a href='"+smf_scripturl+"?action=login'>" + guesttranslation[3] + "</a> " + guesttranslation[4] + " <a href='"+smf_scripturl+"?action=register'>" + guesttranslation[5] + "</a>.<br>" + guesttranslation[6] + " <a href='"+smf_scripturl+"?action=activate'>" + guesttranslation[7] + "?");
function translate_tabs(tabid,translation) {
    var tab= $("#"+tabid).children("a").children("span");
    if (tab.children("img").length == "1") {
        tab.html(tab.children("img").prop("outerHTML") + "  " + translation);
    } else {
function translate_tabsdropdown(tabid,eq,translation) {
translate_tabs("button_home", tabtranslation[0]);
translate_tabs("button_forum", tabtranslation[1]);
translate_tabs("button_search", tabtranslation[2]);
translate_tabs("button_admin", tabtranslation[3]);
translate_tabs("button_moderate", tabtranslation[4]);
translate_tabs("button_profile", tabtranslation[5]);
translate_tabs("button_pm", tabtranslation[6]);
translate_tabs("button_calendar", tabtranslation[7]);
translate_tabs("button_gallery", tabtranslation[8]);
translate_tabs("button_arcade", tabtranslation[9]);
translate_tabs("button_mlist", tabtranslation[10]);
translate_tabs("button_chat", tabtranslation[11]);
translate_tabs("button_logout", tabtranslation[12]);
translate_tabs("button_login", tabtranslation[13]);
translate_tabs("button_register", tabtranslation[14]);
Editing Instructions: The words you need to translate are at the top of the code and are in quotes, you'll see where to start and stop translating.

Create a Forum Codes and Support / [Code] Shop (Beta 02.06.13)
« on: February 07, 2013, 01:32:56 am »
Description: This code is currently in beta stage, there's limited functionality as of right now.
It is required to make a new profile field with the following settings:
Name: Items
Profile Section: Forum Profile
Show on Registration: No
Choose Placement: Above Signature
Show Enclosed Within Text: <b>Items:</b> {INPUT}
Field Type: Text
Maximum Length: 0
Allow BBC: No
Input Mask: No HTML
Privacy: Users can see this field; owner can edit it
Searachble: Yes
Active: Yes
The shop page is located on:

Deprecated Elements/Attributes Warning: This code uses the Center element which is no longer supported in HTML5.

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:
Code: [Select]
//Created by xboi209
//Version: Beta 02.06.13
if (location.href == smf_scripturl + "?action=shop") {
    $("#main_content_section").html("<center><div id='shop'><table frame='box' cellspacing='10' width='600'><tr><th>Item</th><th>Description</th><th>Price</th><th>Buy</th></tr><tbody id='row'></tbody></table><></center>");
if (location.href == smf_scripturl + "?action=shop;page=buy") {
    $("#main_content_section").html("<center><div id='shop_buy'><table frame='box' cellspacing='10' width='600' id='shop_table'><tr><th>Are you sure?</th></tr><tr><td><tbody id='buy_formtest'></tbody></td></tr></table><div id='buy_button'><><></center><br>");
if (location.href == smf_scripturl + "?action=profile;area=forumprofile;updated" && localStorage.getItem("purchased") == "true") {
    window.location = smf_scripturl + "?action=shop;page=purchased";
if (location.href == smf_scripturl + "?action=shop;page=purchased") {
    $("#main_content_section").html("<center><div class='windowbg' id='profile_success'>You have successfully purchased " + localStorage.getItem("item") + "!<br><a href='"+smf_scripturl+"?action=shop'>Return to Shop</a></center>");
if (location.href >= smf_scripturl + "?action=profile") {
    $.get(smf_scripturl + "?action=shop", function(data){
//        console.log($(data).find("#row"));
//        localStorage.setItem("item1",$("#shop > a").attr("data-item"));
function purchase(){
    $("#buy_button").load(smf_scripturl+"?action=profile;area=forumprofile #main_admsection", function() {
    $("#creator").appendTo("#main_content_section").wrap("<div id='center_purchase' style='margin: 0 auto;width: 67px;' />");

    $("input[value='Change profile']").attr("value","Purchase");

    $("#buy_formtest").prepend("<b>Item:</b> "+localStorage.getItem("item")+"<br><b>Description:</b> "+localStorage.getItem("description")+"<br><b>Price:</b> "+localStorage.getItem("price"));
    $("#creator > div.cat_bar,p.windowbg.description,div.windowbg2:not(input[value='Purchase'])").hide();
    $("input[name='customfield[cust_items]']").val( $("input[name='customfield[cust_items]']").val() + "{" +  localStorage.getItem("item") + "}");
function main_shop(item, description, price) {
    $("#row").append("<tr><td align='middle' id='"+item+"'>" + item + "</td><td align='middle' id='"+description+"'>" + description + "</td><td align='middle' id='"+price+"'>" + price + "</td><td align='middle'><a href='"+smf_scripturl+"?action=shop;page=buy' data-item='"+item+"' data-description='"+description+"' data-price='"+price+"'>Purchase</a></tr>");
    $("td > a").click(function(){
main_shop("ITEM1", "DESCRIPTION1", "PRICE1");
main_shop("ITEM2", "DESCRIPTION2", "PRICE2");
main_shop("ITEM3", "DESCRIPTION3", "PRICE3");

Editing Instructions: Add more of these lines main_shop("ITEM1", "DESCRIPTION1", "PRICE1"); to the end of the code for more items

Spoiler (hover to show)

Create a Forum Codes and Support / [Code] Any Image Changer
« on: January 06, 2013, 10:00:44 pm »
Description: Changes any image on your forum to any image you want.

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:

Code: [Select]
<script>function xboi209_changeimg(oldimg,newimg){$("img[src='"+oldimg+"']").attr("src",newimg)}
xboi209_changeimg("OLD IMG URL","NEW IMG URL");

Editing Instructions: At the end of the code before the </script>, write xboi209_changeimg("OLD IMG URL","NEW IMG URL"); and replace OLD IMG URL with the old image url and NEW IMG URL to the new image url. To change multiple images, just copy and paste xboi209_changeimg("OLD IMG URL","NEW IMG URL"); before </script>.

Style Support / [Guide] Changing the color of board names
« on: December 30, 2012, 08:16:12 pm »

This guide will help you step by step on how to change the color of board names. There are pictures here to help you through this guide but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Note: This guide is written using Google Chrome!

What we'll want to do first is to highlight the name of the board, in this case it will be General Discussion. Right click and click on Inspect Element and the Developers Tools box will show up. At the bottom right of your screen is a highlight box saying a.subject, this will be the element you want to modify with CSS.

Now we'll go to your Style Manager in our Admin CP and click on the Create Style tab. First, name your style, it could be anything. To make sure there aren't any conflicting code, press the F3 button on your keyboard and type a.subject. What comes up are these lines of code:
/* the board title! */
.table_list tbody.content a.subject
   font-weight: bold;
   font-size: 110%;
   color: #d97b33;

What should catch your eye already is color: #d97b33; because it says color but what is the #d97b33? Well it's something called a hex code, there are millions of colors that our eyes can see and simple text like lightlightlightlightblue won't solve the problem so hex codes are used instead. While web browsers accept text like blue and red, they may not be exactly the same color across all web browsers, however hex codes will be the same across all web browsers.

You could use any hex code you want but I'll pick a dark teal color, 008299. So just replace #d97b33 with #008299 and click the Create Style button.

Now on the Style Manager page, click on pick style next to your newly made style.

Last thing to do is to check what you changed and enjoy!

Create a Forum Codes and Support / [Code] Hide Tabs V2
« on: December 12, 2012, 10:03:45 pm »
Description: Hides any tabs you want

This code utilizes jQuery, please use the latest version found in this thread:

Code: [Select]
<script>function xboi209_hidetabs(tab){$("#menu_nav > li:contains('"+tab+"')").remove();}xboi209_hidetabs("TAB");</script>
Editing Instructions: At the end of the code before the </script>, write xboi209_hidetabs("TAB"); and replace TAB with the name of the tab you want to be removed. To hide multiple tabs, just copy and paste xboi209_hidetabs("TAB"); before </script>.
Note: tab names are case sensitive!

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