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Title: Search Function
Post by: CB on August 24, 2011, 06:35:35 pm
If you are at the Forum Home and do a search, you will get expected results. If you do a search within one of the subheads or threads, it appears the search is only in that particular area. If ‘concert’ for instance is not in the Art thread, it will be zero results.

Can you check and/or modify the search parameters? Apparently it’s limited… or directed incorrectly.

Title: Re: Search Function
Post by: simply sibyl on August 24, 2011, 07:13:38 pm
That is how it is supposed to work.   From the search box when you are at the Main Index it searchs the entire forum.   When inside a Board/Thread etc it searchs only that specific Board/Thread.   It gives more flexibility that way.   Say you know there is a specific Style in the Style Board here.  You can go into that Board and search for the name of the style and it will search only that Board instead of searching the entire forum.   You can also use Advanced Search (via the Search Link on the Menu Bar) and specify which boards/etc you want it to search.