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Title: Edit titles
Post by: DOKEEFFE on January 04, 2020, 12:50:51 pm
Some kind soul started a message on my forum "Re: Sale thrashing and now itís official. We are simply s***t ("

Before I knew it there were 2 pages of replies all quoting the same heading.
I fixed the first message, so the word no longer appears in the message list, and I fixed the last, so all future messages don't propagate it, however I really don't want to go edit 20 odd messages by hand to get rid of the thing entirely.

Could it be possible/desirable even that if an Admin changes the header of the first message it propagates through all of them?
Title: Re: Edit titles
Post by: CreateAForum on January 05, 2020, 01:08:16 am
It doesn't normally. If you can one subject it doesn't change them all.