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Title: Is it Possible to Finalize my Adult Forum layout using 'Standard Plan' before Upgrading to Ad-Free ?
Post by: New_User on May 09, 2019, 04:42:25 pm

Hi guys,

Iím thinking of creating an adult-content forum (nothing illegal) but I need some time to perfect the layout. No adult content will be uploaded during this stage, it will just be me working alone to build the forum (ie sorting out categories, sub-sections, basic rules etc), but I anticipate this to take a couple weeks or a bit more as I'll only be doing this in my spare time

There will absolutely be no danger of people discovering my forum by chance as it will be so obscure. Once Iíve completed the layout, Iíll purchase the $5 or $14.95 a month plan before inviting people to join

In other words, although it will be an adult-content forum, during the time Iím setting up the forum it will will have no members so no adult content will be uploaded or shared.

So my questions revolve around the forum getting mistakenly deleted cos it may be deemed to infringe the 'adult content' rule even though during the 'Standard Plan' stage I'll just be building/prepping the forum:

1. Is it okay for me to work on setting up this forum under the ĎStandard Planí then upgrade to (pay for) ĎAd-Freeí once Iím ready for people to join?

2. Unless another user reports me (zero chance of this happening) does 'Create a Forum' still monitor every single new forum thatís created or does this not usually happen?

3. If 'Create a Forum' staff DOES regularly delete forums, are users given any advanced warning?

4. If deletion happens without warning, will I still be allowed to start from scratch using the name of the forum that was deleted?

Just to be clear, my intention is NOT to run an adult-themed forum without subscription (this is clearly against the rules)

However, there's a slight grey area where I'll be building the forum with no members joining thus no adult content being shared. I just want the freedom to finalize the layout of the forum using the 'Standard Plan' before I finally upgrade to ĎAd-Freeí and start inviting people to join. This way I don't have to rush things and work to a particular time-frame, and it suits me much better as I'll just be working on my forum in my spare time

I prefer to ask on here first rather than just starting to build my forum only for it to be deleted before its even up and running...

Title: Re: Is it Possible to Finalize my Adult Forum layout using 'Standard Plan' before Upgrading to Ad-Fr
Post by: CreateAForum on May 09, 2019, 07:42:06 pm
1. That is ok becomes an issue after 30 days.

2. We do monitor forums created. Adult content requires a least unlimited ad free plan so your account is not at risk we do have quite a few forums that have that plan setup.

3. If it is over 60 days and less than 10 posts on your forum that is a risk

4. No once a forum is deleted the name can't be used again the subdomain part. You can use a custom domain though.
Title: Re: Is it Possible to Finalize my Adult Forum layout using 'Standard Plan' before Upgrading to Ad-Fr
Post by: New_User on May 25, 2019, 03:46:15 pm

Thanks for the prompt reply [size=78%]

Hopefully this will clarify things for other people too [/size]