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Title: IP Address Spoofing
Post by: Agelbert on May 01, 2019, 11:07:12 pm
I just observed this and got a screenshot of it.

The spoofer left within seconds of me checking to see who was online. The IP address of the guest was IDENTICAL to mine! I have no other computers in my home.


As you can read from above, I have had images, particularly those that criticize the hydrocarbon hellspawn fossil fuel Industry, fail to display, even though the code for a given image has not changed. I have also noticed images that I have previously "approved" to appear "not approved" a few days later whn I check my images in the

Do I have to go to my ISP and ask for a new IP address? Should I be worried about this? Yes, someone obviously can spoof my IP address, but does that mean they can attack my computer? support

Despite having spoofed my IP address, I don't think they can Log into my Forum (or any place else I log into) unless they have figured out my (VERY LONG AND COMPLEX) password for the Forum (and all other websites I visit).support

Do you have any advice for me on how to keep my images from being hacked and whether this IP address spoofing is dangerous to me?
Title: Re: IP Address Spoofing
Post by: CreateAForum on May 01, 2019, 11:16:34 pm
First check that isn't you. Check you didn't open in a different device, cell phone, different browser.

Spoofing is hard to do you can do it one way communication but data can't be transmitted back since the IP won't reach it.
Title: Re: IP Address Spoofing
Post by: Agelbert on May 06, 2019, 01:38:54 am
I have only one computer. I have no cell phone. I have no wireless anything. I checked that I had no other browser open to my forum on May 1, 2019 at the time the hacker spoofed my IP address. It was a hacker trying to get into the forum. I know this because I was not even logged in to the forum when the "Guest" arrived minutes before I did.

I have reported the spoofer to Norton, as well. I have Norton Internet Security and a lousy sense of humor.

The hacker will have his hands full because I now have Norton's VPN running. My IP address is dynamic and my ISP uses a proxy server.

That won't stop the hackers from trying to mess up my forum, however. Today they locked my "Hydrocarbon Crooks Evil Actions" Topic. Now only Admins can post there (There is no way available way for an Admin to unlock a locked thread, as I have vented about here before).

I have done nothing to lock the topic, but this showed up when I made a reply today: Warning: topic is currently/will be locked! Only Admins and moderators can reply.

I quickly split the topic to a new "unlocked" topic thread and told the anonymous hacker that I would do that again and again, no matter how much trouble he would try to cause.

Here is an example of the "fun and games" I am being visted with:

Look at the two images below (that are there but DO NOT SHOW):



This is the code for the two images (without the formatting):

Those images showed a Giant Tick/rig with Exxon written on it on planet Earth and the Caption: " Frack this Planet, We ain't done Yet!" The moon is shown shedding a tear in one and the other has a closeup of Earth.

I have backups of most of my images but, sadly, not these two.

I just noticed when modifying this post that I can "copy image address" of the images that don't display. The first one has this address:

The second one has this address:

My gallery is being steadily hacked so the images won't show that criticize the Fossil Fuel Insdustry. NONE of the other images have ever been hacked, so you know who is doing the dirty work there. I have 1,775 images in the gallery. They occupy 23 pages. BUT, when you get to page 16, NO MORE IMAGES SHOW!

Can you help recover all these images? It gets old having to search for images in my computer to create a new image of. I do the best I can to keep up with the hacker(s), but old posts with said images that they hacked no longer have the impact they had, thanks to the hackers. I post on disqus many images and the hackers are steadily making my posts incoherent because the image is often used as a reference.

I have resorted to creating new images in the Admin area so, hopefully, the hacker cannot get to them. Nevertheless, I would love to recover all the images in my gallery that no longer show AND make the gallery hacker proof as well.

I want people to see and use those images for the good of humanity. We are in an Existential Catastrophic Climate Change Crisis and every bit of truth that challenges the biosphere destroying dirty energy status quo is important and necessary.

Please HELP! Greta Thunberg would agree!

Title: Re: IP Address Spoofing
Post by: CreateAForum on May 06, 2019, 01:40:29 am
Change passwords.
Remove any mods or other admins.

Make sure no other membergroups have admin gallery permission.
Title: Re: IP Address Spoofing
Post by: Agelbert on May 06, 2019, 01:57:16 am
I've done the password change and the other Admin is trustworthy. Guests can view the gallery but they have zero permission to do anything else there. Guests cannot even delete there own posts on my forum!

Can you tell me how to get these hacked images unhacked?

Hit the modify key on my post and you will see what I am talking about with these hacked images.
Title: Re: IP Address Spoofing
Post by: CreateAForum on May 06, 2019, 04:13:18 am
I backed up site as it is today.