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Title: Come Join Hobbyist
Post by: KroniK on December 27, 2018, 01:51:35 pm
Hello there. I'd like to invite you to join Hobbyist. Hobbyist is an online internet forum where people can discuss their favourite hobbies and activites. You can talk about anything from video games to music to science etc. We've just started and want to grow a small community of people who love sharing what they do for fun.
We aim to provide a safe experience, a fun and memorable experience and a kind community of users. We take our rules seriously and if any of them is broken then we have the right to terminate your account with no further notice. If someone reports you and there is lack of evidence then an administrator will be sent to chat in private with you to gain further evidence to determine if you are going to be terminated.
With 2019 coming up, we are hoping the site starts to boom and along with that, we will begin introducing new features.
See you there! support

P.S: Sorry for not adding the link:

Yours Sincerely-----------------DanS - Founder of Hobbyist
Title: Re: Come Join Hobbyist
Post by: CreateAForum on December 27, 2018, 02:01:48 pm
A link to the forum would be helpful