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Title: Naruto Rebirth
Post by: Naruto Battleground on July 17, 2011, 06:02:17 pm
Obviously it's about naruto (hint listed above.) It has no setting besides the fact that it's more so in the future from the tv series so you can either be a previous character's child or i completely made up character. You can be whatever type of character you want. Jinchuuriki are available. Literally, you can make your character from scratch. You can have your preference in what village you want to be in but it'll only be changed if necessary. You can use a tektek avatar to be your image or you can find one from google or photobucket. So please join be active have fun and tell your friends to join too. Once there's enough characters there may be wars invasions abandonment or anything you can think. Some will be on the side of world peace other of world domination or just neutral. So, what path will you choose? (