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Title: Popular forum is sold.
Post by: hudumapoa on May 29, 2017, 07:37:21 pm
When I created this domain my idea was to let people chat as guests without registering to the forum so as I encourage millions of guests discussing online in one forum that is It is true that forum registration discourages people to share their opinions Hence forum inactivity

Reasons Why I sell this forum!
1. I failed to pay for createaforum pro services . I discovered the money i spend to pay for domains is more than what I get from this forum :(

2. I have changed my blogging idea ;)

Why should you buy this forum?
1. The domain sounds good if you will manage to market the forum

2. Age of domain is about 5 years so more backlinks

3. The forum has more than 7k members so if you will manage to activate them and buy adseller pro for sure you will make money like gaiaonline ;D

Find me at whatsapp through this number +255652428852 or telegram +255652428852 Lets bargain for price

If you are interested to buy the forum please make sure you contact me though the given contacts only not replying here may be I will reply next year here.