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Title: Updates Invite Friends from Social Networks and Quick Ban
Post by: CreateAForum on June 24, 2011, 02:53:59 am
Latest Create A Forum Updates:

Added quickban on account delete. Allows you to ban and delete an account at the same time when you go to account delete.

Also just rolled out a new feature that allows members to invite friends from their email accounts and social network accounts.

To enable Goto to Admin -> Edit Invite Friends Settings
Then Check "Show Invite Friends Menu Button" and save settings

Supports the following email and social networks:
Facebook, LinkedIn Live/Hotmail, Twitter, Gmail, MSN,,, Freemail, Mail2World, Nz11, KataMail,  Gawab, Kids, Yandex, Terra, FastMail, Yahoo!, Techemail, Evite,, Aussiemail, Bordermail, Care2, Lycos, YouTube, Canoe, Popstarmail, Abv, Libero, Xing,, IndiaTimes, Atlas,, India, Walla, Uk2, AOL, OperaMail, Inet,, Apropo, Bigstring, Plaxo,, Pochta, Azet, Grafitti,,, Virgilio, Hushmail, 5Fm, Kincafe, Hi5, Flingr, Bookcrossing, Eons, Plazes,  Motortopia, Mydogspace, Flickr, MySpace, Hyves, Fdcareer, Friendster, Konnects, NetLog, Koolro, Badoo, Famiva,, Cyworld, Livejournal, Vimeo, Bebo, Xuqa, Meinvz, Vkontakte, Tagged, Plurk, Flixster, Ning, Mycatspace, Faces, Brazencareerist, Orkut, Xanga, Lovento, Mevio, Skyrock, Friendfeed, Perfspot, Multiply, Zapakmail, Interia, Rambler, Clevergo, Doramail, Netaddress, Meta, O2

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