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Title: EZ portal has integrated the home page into the main forum pages
Post by: bomers on March 08, 2016, 03:07:14 am
Hi I wasn't sure which support I should talk to so I am doing both. I was putting an image on my home page of the forum which has ez blocks. Got the image up and then the forum went crazy!!! the image has intergrated itself thoughout my whole forum. So please can you disable ezportal. I only put it on because some players where having trouble getting on the forum but the portal didn't make any difference and you turned off my antispam which worked. So if you can remove the portal I really would appreciate it. Thanks. and maybe you could tell me how to set up a general front page for my forum with an image and the registration feature. Thanks. bomers.
HI Ezportal support disconnected it for me.