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Title: And again - Karma questions
Post by: DMindon on December 18, 2015, 04:59:42 pm
Hello there again.

Karma the neverending subject.

1. How can I deactivate Karma for individual members? Some people told me they don't want it. Other members want it.
2. How to block Karma if a member had given thumbs up/down to a posting? To make it impossible that one user can give 2 or more points for the same posting. btw. I know the time function, this is not what I need.
3. How to make it visible for all to see the name WHO has given Karmapoints? Members are VERY interested to see, WHO has given positive or negative point. They want to see the names of the evaluators. This is a very big issue in my forum.
4. How to adjust that newbees cannot give Karmapoints until they have 100 postings and a minimum of positve Karmapoints (for example)?

This is very important to know. Thank you very much again
Title: Re: And again - Karma questions
Post by: CreateAForum on December 18, 2015, 06:09:51 pm
1. no way to do that.
2. can't do it
3. not an option currently
4. You can do that post based permissions group.
Title: Re: And again - Karma questions
Post by: WorkerBee on December 21, 2015, 02:08:14 pm

Adding on to that.

1) If you want to remove karma well, I suggest disabling the feature also you said some users want it then you can start a poll, and see which one win.

2)  This is Impossible

3) Currently, there no options for this so not really.

4) please set the member group permissions