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Title: Problem with posting quoted material
Post by: agate on February 05, 2014, 08:02:23 pm
Posting wasn't a problem on ( until yesterday. Suddenly a problem has developed.

When using the quoted material (with the "quote" icon),
I copy and paste material and put it in quotes in a post on my board but now what is copied is exactly as it appeared in the original--photos and links and different fonts, etc.  I take all of these features out, and still bits of unneeded code are sprinkled among the resulting post. 

I have to take every one of them out--and even then the spacing between lines isn't working right.

Is there a setting somewhere that I should change?

EDITED TO ADD: I've disabled the WSIWYG editor and that seems to have fixed the problem so far as I'm concerned. Please advise if I should not have done that.