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Title: Losing it. LOL
Post by: Gee on December 05, 2010, 08:01:00 am
Ok I'm at my wits end with Vbulletin and need a change. I like your software but on a very strict non profit budget.  Here are my questions. This looks like some good software and I'm hoping it will work.
1. Technical Support via ticket, phone or forum, It is reliable?
2. I would like to remove as much of your branding as possible. I see there there is a fee (outside of the unlimited) is this a one-time fee per year?
3. I would like to use my butload of smiley my members have grown to like. Is there a one time fee to do this? What is the limit and how to they appear in the post bit? As a drop down, pop up or link to "more smilies". 4.95
4. If I use my own subdomain will I still be able to have your technical support?
5. Does you 14.95 plan include removing the footer and smilies? Your page does say unlimted but you have two unlimted plans that may not be in my budget.
6. I don't want facebook share or Ip addresses show in post. Is this doable?
7. Is there a chat feature?

Thanks a million for indulging me. I've just so had it with vbulletin and ready to tear my hair out. Their system is so dang bloated and four years of their nasty forum members is enough. 
Title: Re: Losing it. LOL
Post by: simply sibyl on December 05, 2010, 04:15:48 pm
1.  Tech Support is via this Support Forum. 
2.  Removing Branding is a one time fee.  (not per year - just one time)
3.  Custom Smileys Upgrade is a one time fee of 20.00 
     They can be put in the message editior itself, or in a popup via a link in the editor.
4.  Yes, you can still use support if you use your own domain name with your Create a Forum forum.
5.  No.  That plan is for Unlimited Ad Free Credits and 100mb of space (for attachments and avatars)
6.  In Admin>Addons you can disable the Facebook Share icon from posts.  IP numbers can not be disabled.  Only the Administrator and those given access that would allow showing IPs of members can see them.   Members can see only their own IP numbers.
7.  Not at this time.
Title: Re: Losing it. LOL
Post by: Gee on December 07, 2010, 05:16:12 am
Thank you Simply
Appreciate your reply.
So to be clear.... (sorry I'm a knob)  ::)
The remove branding fee is just one time and it lasts as long as I have the forum or per month or what?
The one time fee for smilies is for the life of my forum?
Also regarding tech support. If my forum crashes, the only place I can get tech support is here? Are there people here that can help me for a fee per month?

How do I download modification with create a forum? I'm trialing on the free SMF hosts and can't find how to upload mods the SMF forum on createaforum.
Thanks a million
Title: Re: Losing it. LOL
Post by: simply sibyl on December 07, 2010, 05:46:13 am
The remove branding and smiley upgrade are a one time fee - for the life of your forum.   You just pay once and thats it.
Support is only via the Support Forum -  there is no fee per month or otherwise.  Support is free.   
Uploading Mods is not available.   Modifications are added to the forums by the owner of the service, and only those he feels are necessary for the forums.