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Title: Downloads Addon Updated
Post by: CreateAForum on October 05, 2013, 03:08:29 am
We have updated the Downloads Addon on Create A Forum.
The download system allows you to host files and charge members for downloads.

Complete list of changes for 3.0 listed below:
+Added unviewed downloads link in the menu bar to see which downloads you have not seen before.
+Added List All link to the main downloads page blocks
+Added related downloads to display on the bottom of each download page.
+Added Last download file link and post information on category/subcategory display
+Added checkbox approve/delete comments on the approve comments page
+Updated html markup style to improve display
+Alternate table row styles in different sections of the admin area to make it easier to read
+New setting to count member comments as posts
+Image thumbnail in main page blocks now links to the download
+Facebook meta data added when sharing downloads
+Better navigation links added in places around the downloads system
!If medium image does not exist show the fullsize image
!Fixed issue when changing the category in downloads system kept redirecting to the same category
!Fixed searching in other languages using special characters