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Title: having problem with ads!!
Post by: onlinegaming on August 26, 2013, 03:36:34 pm
helloo i am having major problem... i am trying to put google ads but i cant... and now i cannot even back it up!! this is my forum!! i was trying out how the ads would look i was not gonna run ads this early since the forum is fresh but i cannot cancel now since i get this message to my adsense 

{[size=78%]In order to complete your request to show ads on your own website, you need to implement the ad code on [/size][size=78%][/color] ([/size][size=78%][/color]. Your upgrade request can only be reviewed once your ad code has impressions on that domain. [/size][size=78%][/color]Learn more ([/size][size=78%][/color].} [/size]
[/color]IN order for them to review the forum or cancel or not accept it i have to put the ad codes in the forum so they can check and only then this message will be removed...this message is a problem because it doesn't let me run ads on other sites since i get this message for like a month...


Sites authorized to show ads

Your application is under review. Please implement your ad code at the URL submitted in order to complete the screening process.

Site management
no sites

i tried to put codes on the forum but it doesn't work because of php or i don't know!! to complicated!

please help![/t][/t]
Title: Re: having problem with ads!!
Post by: CreateAForum on August 26, 2013, 04:19:12 pm
On the ultimate plan you can put in your own ads. Using our built in AdSeller Pro system which has ad placments for you.
Title: Re: having problem with ads!!
Post by: onlinegaming on August 26, 2013, 05:50:38 pm
i have unlimited ad credit and i purchased that thing for a month the ad seller pro doesn't provide any info on how to set that thing up!!
Title: Re: having problem with ads!!
Post by: CreateAForum on August 26, 2013, 05:56:51 pm
So you have the ulimiate plan right? With ad Seller Pro?

Setting up Ad Seller Pro Quick Start

Step 1: Setup Paypal

You will need a Paypal Business account and the first is to make sure you have IPN enabled. You can do this by logging into PayPal. Click on the Profile Link Then click Instant Payment Notification Preferences and then turn IPN on. And enter the url for ipn which would be 2.0.x (

If you already have a paypal url you do not need to overwrite it.

Step 2. Enter your PayPal email in Ad Seller Pro Settings

Log into your forum and go to the admin area. Click Ad Seller Pro then select the settings tab.
Under the "PayPal email address" enter your paypal email address to receive payments.
Then click Save Settings to save the settings

Step 3. Enable Ad Locations and Membergroup Access

By default with Ad Seller Pro the adlocations are disabled so they will need to be enabled.

To enable them go to the Ad Seller Pro Locations tab
Find a location that you want to enable for instance "Overall Footer" click on the edit link.
This will take you to page to edit the location description and settings.
You want to make sure under the Title that Enabled is set to enabled.

The other important part on this page is "Membergroups"
You want to make sure that all your membergroups that you want to see ads be checked.

We would suggest to keep admin's showing the ads as well to see how the placements work the users

The description is shown on the view ad package detail page for buyers. So this can be customized if you wish to better describe the ad location.

Step 4. Add an Advertisement

As an admin you can also add your own advertisements. In Ad Seller Pro click on the "Manage Ads" tab

Then click on the "Add Ad" tab above the advertisement list.
This will take you to a page that allows you to setup an advertisement.

The ad type is important we have three ad types supported which are Text Ad's, Banner Ad's, Custom Code.
Choose the type of Ad to setup and enter the ad details.

Under Locations choose locations that are not disabled and your ad will be shown in them

Click on Add Ad and your advertisement will now be added to Ad Seller Pro

Step 5. Setting up Ad Packages

If you want to offer people visiting your site an option to buy ad space. You will need to setup an ad package.

Next click on the "Ad Packages" tab inside Ad Seller Pro.
Then click on the "Add Package" option
Enter a title for the package, a price, and any package limits such as impressions etc, expire days.

After you have the settings picked out choose which ad locations you want to be part of this ad package and click "Add Package"

The package will then be added and can be accessed either via the Advertise link in the menu if enabled or by the Advertise Here link in the location if enabled.
Title: Re: having problem with ads!!
Post by: onlinegaming on August 26, 2013, 06:01:12 pm
i have done all this the problem is if i want to put adsense i cannot! the only way i can advertise is by someone purchasing it which that will work only if forum has 2000+ members however like i said i was trying the adsense and now it's stuck i have to put the codes on the forum so they can decline it or accept it.... however i do not know where to put adsense and also the script doesn't work cause adsense doesn't support php... i have to change the code by adding something else but my problem is where do i put the code to advertise from other networks!! not only ad seller pro!
Title: Re: having problem with ads!!
Post by: CreateAForum on August 26, 2013, 06:03:04 pm
Why can't you put adsense in it?
No the ad seller system does not require any one to buy ads you can place your own ads.

The script takes in html/javascript based ads or banner ads. Does not use php at all.