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Title: General Support Rules and Tips
Post by: CreateAForum on March 29, 2009, 10:53:53 pm
1. Do not bump your own topic. Wait at least 24 hours before replying.
2. Do not spam or post irrelevant information.
3. Keep personal information personal. Do not share information without express written permission to do so.

Note: The Create A Forum Staff reserves the right to delete any posts/topics that do not comply with the rules above.

1. Help us to help you
Include as much information as you can in a post. Even more, include as much information as you can in the TOPIC, do not just make a topic named "need help" or "what is wrong?", include DETAILS in your topic subject.

2. Use the search feature
There is a chance that the question you have may have already been answered. Be sure to use the Search ( feature.

3. Give us time to reply
Here at support, we are all volunteers and have separate lives. Constantly replying to a topic to try to get a reply will not accomplish anything. Not only is this rude, but it does violate one of the rules.

4. Do not ask us to do the task for you
We are here to give support and help you, not to do it for you.

5. Post your forum url
There may be things specific to your forum such as custom codes in headers and footers or css stylesheets that we may need to look at in order to solve your problem.