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Title: New Naruto RP
Post by: Naruto New Beginnings on August 04, 2013, 02:11:50 am

Hello to all you Naruto fans. My cousin and I have recently created a Naruto RP forum just for you. Whenever you watch the Naruto show, read along with the manga or even play the games and wish that you could be apart of it? Joining this forum give you that chance. You get to recreate yourself as if you were a ninja of Naruto. The forum just recently was created so it isn't to popular but with your help we can get it populated and flowing.
There isn't a set storyline because we don't want any one person to feel more important than another. This story takes place years after the 4th Great Ninja war. When making a character you can totally create one from scratch or even be a descended of the original Naruto characters.
It would be greatly appreciated if you all would stop by the forum ( link below ) and join. Btw my account on the forum is Zero Keiichi ( and my cousin's account is Myuki Minatashi (;u=1)
I appreciate the future help and future members. I hope you all have fun

forum link: Naruto New Beginnings (

Thank you all!