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Title: [GUIDE] Admin CP: Membergroups
Post by: Alex on August 06, 2010, 07:44:30 pm
Admin CP Membergroup Section Guide

Edit Membergroups Page

On the Edit Membergroups section, you will see two separate tables.
The table on the top, lists the regular Membergroups on your forum (In other words, the non post-count based groups).
The bottom table lists all of the post-count based groups of your forum.

Next to each of the group names is the star images used for the group, the number of Members the group currently has, and a link to modify the group.
On post-count based groups you will also see the required posts needed for a member to be in that post-count based group.

When viewing the Membergroups section, you have three options of what you can do.

Add a new membergroup
Edit an existing membergroup
Select the membergroups that can modify membergroups

Add Membergroup Page

On the Add Membergroup page you will be able to create new membergroups with the desired settings.
This page can be accessed by selecting the Add Membergroup tab when viewing the Membergroups section of the Administration Panel.

On the Modify an existing Membergroup page, you will be able to modify the settings of an existing membergroup.
This page can be accessed by selecting the Modify link to the far right of a membergroup name when viewing the Membergroups section of the Administration Panel.

Group Name - The name you want to call the group.
Permissions - When creating a membergroup, you must select the initial permission settings the membergroup will use. Please note on group creation you are limited in what permissions you can give the group and that this section only appears when creating a new group, but you can always go to Permissions>Permissions by Membergroup to adjust the permissions for the membergroup.

There are a few types of settings you can use for permissions.

Visible Boards - This allows you to choose which boards this new group will have access to; this is useful so that you don't have to do it later. You may change these at anytime by going to Membergroups / Edit Membergroups and clicking the link [ Show boards ] at the bottom next to Visible Boards.

Click on “Add Group”, which will automatically redirect you to the Edit Membergoup page for that group.

Modify Membergoup Page

Group name - The name of the group. (Leave as is.)

Group description - A brief overview of the group. (Optional)

Group Type - Here you can select the type of group you want this membergroup to be. You have the following options:

Moderators - Here you can enter a comma separate list of usernames of those you want to be a group moderator. A group moderator's main privilege is the ability to add new members to the membergroup. This field is only available when modifying an existing group.

Visibility - Allows you to choose where a group is visible on the forum.
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