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Title: [Guide] Admin CP Arcade Section
Post by: Andrew on October 05, 2012, 04:05:23 pm
The arcade can be enabled by going to Admin > Core Features, scroll down to the very bottom until this icon is seen:

Click the power button on the right side of it to enable it.

There is now a new Arcade category section on the left side of the Administration Center:

When accessing the General link for the first time, you will need to click the Install and Enable Arcade button. After doing so, all the features of the Arcade will be enabled. Visit the links under the Arcade category again.

The General section is just for general settings, such as arenas, comments, cheating check, and how many games show per page.

The Games section is for adding games that are ready to be installed. You can not install your own games - you can only use games that are built into the Arcade already.

The Categories section lets you organize games into certain categories. When visiting it for the first time, all that's seen is "1". Clicking the New tab will let you create more categories and optionally set custom permissions for that category.

The Maintenance section lets you clear the data currently stored in the Arcade. If you are experiencing slow loading or errors, this is the place to go. This section also lets you prune current high scores.