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Title: General Support FAQ
Post by: Seldom Fail on February 20, 2012, 09:27:59 pm
General Support FAQ   

Many questions that are asked can be answered by checking the guides in our Guides Index (

Q: How do I change the URL of my forum?
A: There is currently no option to change the URL of your forum while still retaining the subdomain however you can purchase a domain from a domain registrar and park it on your forum.
    Information/setup is in Admin>Domain Manager.
    IMPORTANT:   Do NOT use the Domain Manger if you have not purchased a domain name AND followed all the steps.

Q:  How do I change my forum's name
A:  Admin > Forum Settings > Forum Title

Q: How do I delete my forum?
A: Delete every post on the forum and set it in maintenance mode, this will trigger forum removal whenever a sweep is done.

Q: How do I put my forum into Maintenance Mode?
A: Admin > Forum Settings > check "Enable Maintenance Mode" > Save

Q: How do I upload Smileys to my forum?
A: Uploading Smileys is an Upgrade Option. 

Q:  Can I use the smileys that are here at Support?
A:   How to use the smileys you see here at support (

Q:  I use a .tk or url and I keep getting logged out of my forum.   Why?
A:   If you have cloaking or masking turn ON you will have problems with your forum.   Turn off cloaking or masking.
      To use a .tk domain without cloaking, follow this guide (

Q: Can I change some of the images ? (new post, no new post, etc.)
A: Admin > Style Manager > Customize Images

Q: How do I put a banner on my forum?
A: Admin > Layout Settings > Theme Settings > Logo Image URL
    Put the direct link to the image in the box. 
Q: How can I center my banner?
A: Admin > Style Manager > Headers/Footers
    In your header put:   <div style="text-align: center;"><img src="YOUR BANNER IMAGE URL" alt="" /><div>

Q:  How do I change the theme on my forum?
A:  see: How to Put a Background on Your Forum (

Q: Where can I get skins/styles?
A: see the Style Support ( section of the forum

Q: How do I stop Guests from Viewing Boards?
A: Admin > Boards
    Modify Boards you do not want Guests to see:   Uncheck Guests

Q:  Can I use my own rank images?
A:  See here:  How to use your own Rank Images (
Q: How do I change the time on my forum?
A: Admin > Features and Options:  Look for Overall Time Offset
    Use this option to specify a time difference (in hours) - Negative and decimal values are permitted

Q: How do I add Quick Reply?
A: Enable Quick Reply (

Q: How do I email all Members
A: News and Newsletters guide (
Q: How do I add Mods to my forum?
A: You can't add Mods to your forum yourself. However, you can suggest one be added via the Suggestions Board (

Q: How do I make somebody Admin or Moderator on my forum?
A: Set a member as a Admin/Global Mod/Board Mod (

Q: Where can I get a shoutbox?
A:  Add A Shoutbox (

Q:  What do I do if my forum is taken over by another Admin:
A:   CreateAForum Policy:   If you give others Administrative access you do so at your own risk.
       We do not get involved in inner-forum battles/take overs.   You will have to deal with this
       on your own with the member(s) involved.

Q: A code I put on my forum messed it up
A: Check here (

Q: How to I remove the censor on my forum?
A: The only way to remove the censor completely is to purchase Ad Free Credits. The censor is required by advertisers and is in place because the advertisements are a big source of income for the forum management.