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[GUIDE] Post Moderation
« on: August 05, 2010, 06:15:58 pm »
How to Enable Post Moderation

To enable Post Moderation you will need to do the following:

Admin CP > Core Features > Scroll down to Post Moderation and click this image:

By clicking this button, it will enable you to edit the settings for Post Moderation. After it is enabled, the words "Post Moderation" will become a link.

Clicking it will take you to the Post Moderation settings page. You can also access this page by doing the following:

Admin CP > Permissions > Post Moderation

Selecting Profiles

On this page you will see a chart with each membergroup listed to the left hand side of the screen. And on the other side of the screen you'll find a lot of selection bubbles with 3 images above each of the 4 sections.

Above the chart is a drop down selection box that says "Select Profile"

The profile is what determines the permissions for the boards.

When you create a board, there is a selection box labeled "Permission Profile". That is what we are editing through Post Moderation.

If you choose "Default" in the selection box on the Post Moderation page, the changes you make will become the settings for ALL BOARDS that are created under the "Default" profile.

Changing the Settings

The 4 sections in the chart are as follows:

New Topics - This is what determines whether each group can create a new topic in the board.

Own Replies - This allows them to reply only to topics they've created

Any Replies - This allows them to reply to any topic created in the boards with this profile

Attachments - This allows them to upload attachments into topics and/or replies in boards with this profile

The selection bubbles decided whether or not you want them to be able to do what is listed above.

- This image means that it is ok for them to do what is listed above.
- This image indicates that it is ok for them to do it, but before anyone else can see it, it must be approved by a moderator
- This means that they CAN NOT do what is listed.

This setting is perfect for Advertisement boards, announcement boards, or anything really.

Keep in mind that by editing a profile, ANY board that is set to that profile will be in those settings.

You can create new profiles by going to Admin CP > Permissions > Edit Profiles

At the bottom of that page, there is a box that says "New Profile"

Fill out the box and choose what permission settings you would like it to be based off of (if you're changing the settings, it really won't matter)

Then go back to the Post Moderation section and find the profile you just made and edit it's settings.

To view and/or change what profiles are set to what boards, click the "Board Permissions" link.

If you would like to change anything on that page, click "Edit All" at the top right hand side of that page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post here!

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