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Hi there

Bit complicated to explain without screenshots but I will try my best:

On my forum I have set permissions/access for 'Regular members' to zero and unticked all checkboxes apart from a few (thus most boards on the forum appear invisible for a newly-registered member)

I've also added membergroups - 'Male' 'Female' and 'Child' - which are unrestricted/open access. The option to join 'Male' 'Female' or 'Child' is set at registration

So if someone mistakenly registers without joining a group - they get quite a shock as the forum appears empty !!! This is exactly how I want it - once they have got over the shock they'll read the small print that says they can only use the forum fully if they join a membergroup

The problem arises if someone messes around and switches back to 'Regular Member' after joining their chosen membergroup - the permissions of the other membergroup (Male, Female, Child) seem to cross over into 'Regular Member' so instead of the forum appearing blank once again, the user can see all boards like normal

To explain it succinctly:
Being a 'Regular Member' = all boards are hidden (ohhh nooooo!!)
Join a membergroup 'Male/Female/Child' = you can now view boards (oh what a relief !!!)
Be naughty and switch back to 'Regular Member' = you can still view boards like normal (hehehehe...)

As long as you remain part of the second membergroup (Male/Female/Child) and don't leave it, making 'Regular Member' the primary group makes no difference and you can carry using on the forum unrestricted
Is there any way to change this so the person switching back to registered member has restricted access once again ???

Many thanks !!
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