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Page hits count
« on: November 06, 2013, 02:51:04 am »
Hi. I am a new Admin in a new "Create A Forum" forum. My Admin at a previous "Create A Forum" site got a little tired of me generating too much posting material and volunteered to set me up with another forum. All well and good.
But here is the comment he made that makes me think some settings may not be quite correct:
" With this new system, members can now manage their OWN Forums under their OWN rules free from my "ADMIN: Power of GOD on a Forum"  ability here on the Diner Forum.

The main Downsides here are that because these Forums are separate entities, you can't do a single search to find something, plus of course you ALSO have to register separately on these other Forums.  Also, Messages posted to any of the linked forums will not appear in the Diner list of recent comments or on the diner Blog either.  Also, Agelbert has to manage his own Forum."

So what is the problem?
My corner of the Doomstead Diner forum (Agelbert's NEWZ channel is getting over a 100 page views a day. :o MOST of the posts I publish there are teasers with links to my own forum, . I post news and opinion pieces about 5 to 8 times a with only one or two NOT having links to my forum. Furthermore, my page views at the Algelbert NEWZ Channel are going up each day, not down.
YET, the articles in MY forum that I link to don't show hardly any page views. ??? This doesn't make sense because more and more people are clicking on my NEWZ channel, obviously because they liked the content, only to find teasers to my own forum. If they weren't happy with that (deciding NOT to click on the links), my NEWZ channel page traffic would be dropping, not going up.
Could it be that the Create A Forum site I Admin is not getting a page hit count when someone comes there straight from the OTHER Create A Forum site because of some setting?
Finally, to provide evidence for my view that the problem is at, I did get about 70 hits at in one day from an article I linked to the Common Dreams Web site in the comments section about one of the Founding Fathers of the US Constitution. That proves the page counting works just fine coming from another web site.
Could you check into this? I really believe the folks on my original forum are reading my stuff but it is not getting counted for some reason.
NOTE: I have WIDE open as far viewing and posting on boards from guest on up so there is ZERO impediment for someone dropping by to click on a topic in a board.
Thank you.

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Re: Page hits count
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2013, 12:39:40 am »
I THINK I figured out what the problem was. There is a setting that enables the counting of post replies on to the board total that I had not enabled. We shall see.


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