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Author Topic: Name help with .com/ name  (Read 248 times)

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Name help with .com/ name
« on: November 15, 2013, 09:31:57 pm »
I want it so I can pt both my .com and name to both be in the top so if they go to my site vi the it will all come up as the name and same with the .com name . Yes I asked before but no one helped and yes I no it is not good for google and all that crap but at the end of the day it is my site and I would like t so both my website names will work and take them to the same forum just under the right names

E,g I wants copy that to my twitter I can then I want as well but both from the same site but. Nt them to come like that . So what ever site you use it say that one at the top l

Also then I can put the new one on my statcounter to and I no what name getting most  hits etc