Author Topic: my new forum turned into blue hell  (Read 353 times)

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Re: my new forum turned into blue hell
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:38:19 am »
Following is the conversation with one of TNR members.
12:01 PM rob_from_oz: Hi  for when you are online. Before you had the issues did you do any updates?
signed on at 12:14 PM.
12:15 PM : No.. I havent done any updates
12:16 PM rob: Well it is not that as sarina had done some. It is a mystery. Oh Is needy a createaform forum?
12:16 PM: I don't think it is..
12:16 PM rob: That may be why you done have any issues there.
12:17 PM : do not not done^
12:17 PM : SMF 2.0.15 | SMF 2017, Simple Machines
12:18 PM : Thats what Needy is on..
12:18 PM rob: I did wonder if it was SMF
12:19 PM : Its the same for me on k's board.. Not sure whats up.. I know my computer is good.. Just had it gone through...
12:20 PM rob: I saw a thread at support with someone else at another forum having the same issue. I was asked this.
Quote from: CreateAForum on Today at 00:39:42
    Do they have any plugins or addons in the browser? that might cause issues or antivrius?
12:21 PM : No .. And I am using the same antivirus/malware i've always used.. Didn't have a problem with it before...
12:22 PM rob: It is very strange. Must be soething with Createaforum that only affects some and not others!!
12:23 PM rob: Are you PC tablet smart phone Apple?
12:23 PM : I know on MM one time I had to change the editor.. They offered 2 or 3 different ones there...
12:23 PM: I'm on my PC..
12:24 PM rob: I will let them know what both you and sarina have said. Perhaps one of the forum update affects some and not others for some reason.
12:25 PM : OK sounds good..
12:25 PM rob: Not sure where if at all am able to change editors but will ask.
12:26 PM : Never hurts to ask.. *s
This is from another user.

Do they have any plugins or addons in the browser? that might cause issues or antivrius?
no i dont an rt cked an all is on that is to be to run it..  next day off am going to have him take me to my tech and fix.
That was all from the two users
Questions please? Thinking outside the box so to speak!
Is it possible to change Editors within Admin at all?
Is it possible a recent update from Createaforum may have impacted these two users?
Cheers and thanks. :)


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