Author Topic: Embedding forms into a topic post... possible?  (Read 938 times)

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Re: Embedding forms into a topic post... possible?
« on: January 10, 2012, 09:10:08 am »
Alright, got my page created. 
Page is at:;sa=page;p=1
I couldn't do a blank page, so I placed the link to the form in the page.  Will I be able to edit anything else above or below the form once you place it in the iframe?
The link to my form I want embedded into our webpage is:
Thanks again for your assistance!!
On another note: 
I know its not related to this topic, but odd thing I noticed today.  Not sure if was like that before or not.  I have started a Portal page.   Some time after I did so, I noticed something odd.  Not sure it was like this before I created these new webpages and Portal, or not.  But now, when I go to either the portal or the forums, it shows the hierarchy line (or whatever you call it) which is left justified just below the NavBar and  just above the top of the forums (or just above the top EzBlock in the Portal), appearing as:
WolfCraft Gaming Network Forum WolfCraft Gaming Network
This seems redundant and doesn't seem like it should be right.  If you click on either of the "WolfCraft Gaming Network" instances, they both take you to the Portal Page.  And the "Forum" link will go to the Forum Main Page.  So the second portal page is showing up between the main forum page and the category page when you continue into the forums.
Because then, when you go into a Forum category, it shows:
WolfCraft Gaming Network Forum WolfCraft Gaming Network WolfCraft Community
Repeating the Forum title (WolfCraft Gaming Network) again after "Forum" appears.
Maybe its just me, but it shouldn't be appearing again after the "Forum" appears when you are on the Forums, right?  And it also shows that just when I'm just in the Portal. Shouldn't it show just the first:
WolfCraft Gaming Network     
as such, on the portal page?
And then after I go to forums, it shouldn appear like this:
WolfCraft Gaming Network Forum
And then into the Category "WolfCraft Community", it should be:
WolfCraft Gaming Network Forum WolfCraft Community 
But it mistakely shows up as:
WolfCraft Gaming Network Forum WolfCraft Gaming Network WolfCraft Community

So I am confused on why it repreats the WolfCraft Gaming Network (which is the Forum Title linking to the Portal page) twice, both in front of and behind "Forum". 

I tried to replace the Forum Title (WolfCraft Gaming Network), in the respective Admin section, with the word "test" and that word came up in place of both the "WolfCraft Gaming Network" titles.  This is how it looked when I went to that sub-category again:
test Forum test WolfCraft Community Introductions
Any ideas where I need to look to fix this so it doesn't repeat incorrectly?
Thanks much!  I should be set once I figure this out now! support
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