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Author Topic: Couple of Questions  (Read 359 times)

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Couple of Questions
« on: July 16, 2011, 02:00:51 am »
1. Why can't add a topic/reply via iPad yet I can do it on my createaforum website?
2. I registered via which uses the same software and the same .createaforum domain. Does this count as createaforum website?
3. How do I delete a forum?
4. I want to change the theme of my forum. How can I do that?
5. How can I create a staff only forum or just a category where the topic/reply needs approval?


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Re: Couple of Questions
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2011, 08:21:12 pm »
1. Uhh not sure so I'll let someone else answer. Are you using the Safari browser?

2. CAF also runs SMF For Free. All signups at SMF are redirected here. So your forum is a CAF forum and all questions about it should be posted on this support site.

3. There is no way for you to manually delete your forum. What you would need to do is put your forum in Maintenance Mode and walk away (Admin > Forum Settings > Enable Maintenance Mode). If you want to come back to your forum, you may do so later. You can still log in when it's in maintenance mode but users can't. But if you leave it alone, eventually when server space is needed, it will be deleted.

4. There are some styles in the Style Support section. But the content of the posts has been erased because the forum software doesn't allow enough characters to post the whole CSS code. but there's a glitch. So to get a style, you'll have to go to Sibyl's profile and click "Show Posts" and scroll through them to find the post of her styles. There you'll be able to see the full content of the posts including CSS, Footer codes, and other images.

If there are image links, you'll copy those and go to Admin > Style Manager > Customize Images. Find the corresponding URL and replace it with the new one.

For the CSS, go to Admin > Style Manager > Create Style. Name it, paste the CSS in the text area and click SAVE. Then go to the "Styles" tab and click "Pick Style" on the one you just created.

When you go to Admin > Style Manager you'll be brought directly to your headers and footers. They are labeled accordingly. That is where the "Footer" info would go.

5. To create a section for the staff, you would create the board (Admin > Boards) and under "Allowed Groups" you would only check the groups you want to be able to see the board.

If it's a board that you want people to post in, but staff must read the message and approve it before it is posted publicly, read this guide: Post Moderation
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