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Re: Confused about payment options!
« on: February 10, 2012, 04:49:38 pm »
I even had to Google 'Ad Free Credits' as I couldn't find any explanation on this site as to what that means  support
Even now, I haven't found any explanation as to why I'm not seeing ads, yet I haven't paid for any 'Ad Free Credits'. Is there a 'grace period'?
It may seem obvious to anyone who is used to building forums etc. but as a complete beginner, there seems to be very little help.
There is a grace period of 45 days without ads.  Ad Free Credits allows for no ads to be shown on a page. Each time a page is viewed or reloaded a credit is used.

Also, no explanation as to how much space a 'free' forum has, but confusing options; eg. Ultimate Plan at $39/$19.95 a month gives 250Mb, but Downloads Pro for a one-off  $30 gives 'unlimited number of files'.
Does that mean for $30, you get unlimited space??
A free forum comes with I believe 10mb of space.   Downloads Pro is different is like a file hosting system not attachments and that can host unlimited files.
Space on the otherhand is counted for attachments and gallery pictures.

No prices shown for 'Remove Footer Information' or 'Hosting Featured Listing'  support
Will get those added Featured Listing should be $10 remove footer is $30

If I took the Ultimate Plan, at what point does the 'sale' at $19.95 end - is it 6 months, 12 months or whatever?
It is ongoing we may change it any time though.
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